From Rags to Riches

Slit open my stomach, stuff stones in them. I’m starving for food. On the contrary the world is enjoying the hospitality of life, while I’m not sure if I’m living for a reason or living on the few pieces of bread thrown in the garbage can. I look at God and then I look at the people. I ask myself Oh God why am I alive? I live on the few coins and a few rupees, not enough for a meal. I’m begging and waiting to be helped. I’m not the one but there are many people who eat my share. I realize that even poorly dressed beggars who had adopted beggary as their source of income are better fed and healthy.

A miracle like dream at the age of 19

Mehmood Bhatti who was once a beggar in his teenage years has now his name included in the list of one of the richest men in Pakistan. He was the beggar who was abandoned by his family therefore he slept in a mosque in Lahore.  There was a point in time when he barely struggled for a meal. Therefore whenever he found food from the sacred place in Lahore he was overwhelmed with joy. As fate would have it one day he went to Paris because of his friend who was studying fashion in Paris. According to Bhatti he used to send letters to his friend before moving to Paris. Back in 1970 there was no concept of visas. Just making it to Paris was not enough as he didn’t had a single penny in his pocket.  Initially he had to take shelter in the subway for days where the temperature was -10.  He often thought that he would die in the freezing cold. He could not even speak French expect a few words ‘j’ai besoin de travailler’ I need  work and ‘Merci’ Thanks . He only earned a few pennies as hé worked as body builder for a fashion company.

Why did he come back to Pakistan?

During the days of his initial prosperity he was reluctant to come to Pakistan as he had borrowed loans from people. After earning enough money he decided to come back to his homeland and this when he brought real fashion to Pakistan. Back in 1976 Pakistan’s society was not fully aware of fashion.  “Real fashion is when you brought international market and value your economy.”

His experiences made him a real life hero

 Life experiences had taught Bhatti so much that one day he emerged as a real life hero. He recalls that it was heart breaking when he had no good clothes to wear and no one to turn to. However after returning to Lahore he established Pakistan’s first fashion school in Lahore.  Moreover he instituted a hospital in DHA Lahore where specialists from all over the world were appointed. Back in the day this hospital had every latest technology of that time. According to Bhatti he has helped many youngsters financially to complete their education. Furthermore he has established many educational institutes hoping that every individual gets the chance to acquire education. Bhatti has surely realized his dreams and pledges to help the down trodden people of our society so that they may realize their dreams one day.

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