Gender Sensitization

The term gender sensitization refers to change of behavior towards gender equality concerns by creating awareness. Gender inequality remains one of the devastating realities around the globe affecting human rights and development priorities. In all societies of the world men and women are given different responsibilities owing to their gender. It is important to realize that both men and women demand equal opportunities. Conversely men are given greater opportunities whereas women are not given equal opportunities. According to Mary Brinton a Harvard University professor it seems impractical that women are expected to be at work place all the time.  Women spend more time in household activities as compared to men. Young individuals often try to strike a balance between family and work consequently women get busy with ‘all caregiving responsibilities’. A report by The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) suggests that US in spite of making progress in gender equity still faces the problem of economic restraints for women. American women in all these years are still paid less as compared to men. Furthermore a report by Cornel University reveals that the American public in all these years might have been ready to accept a female president but they have never been excited about it.

Likewise gender in equality remains a huge problem in the third world countries including Pakistan. The very notion of considering men as breadwinners and women responsible for household responsibilities promotes gender in equality. The society at large has not yet fully endorsed the notion of gender equality. Gender in equality usually begins at home as the birth of a girl is considered an economic hindrance.  Moreover feelings of gender in equality are further nurtured at school and resultantly boys look at girls with contempt. Likewise television and Cinema have inadvertently contributed in promoting gender inequality. Women are often portrayed as incurring the wrath of their fathers, brothers and husbands hence enduring all kinds of persecution gladly.

It is high time that the society at large should realize that gender in equality is hindering our progress as a nation.  It is necessary to adopt a gender sensitive education system. Similarly there is a need to promote gender equality sensitive approach in the human resource.  It has been witnessed that in the corporative world women are often underrepresented at managerial levels. It is important for mangers to realize the importance of promoting gender sensitivity at work place in order to reduce incidents of sexual harassment.

 Sexual harassment at work place is deemed punishable by Pakistan’s Sexual harassment Law therefore women must be encouraged to work in the corporative sector.

It is important for our society at large to realize the importance of promoting gender equality. Gender equity can be fostered by introducing gender sensitive policies in socio economic spheres.

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