Get Rid of Pollution and Make the Environment Beautiful by Planting Trees

Everyone talks about pollution and global warming and reduction in the rate of rain as compared to the yester years but very few people are trying to improve and clean the environment. Everyone is good at debating what should be done but unfortunately we hardly see these debates being put to practice.

We all, as children were taught how beneficial and advantageous trees are for us and our environment as it provides us food, shelter, clean air etc. People cut down trees but I wonder if someone has ever thought of planting more trees. Some people have to cut them down for fuel while others consider trees to be a source of income. Unfortunately trees are being cut down at a very high rate whereas tree plantation takes placed at a very slow rate. Moreover it takes ages for a tree to reach its full stature and eventually become useful. Trees are beneficial for mankind in every sense however; Eucalyptus trees are referred to as ecological terrorist as they not only fosters fire but depletes underground water. Pakistan is blessed with four seasons therefore planting more and more trees would be extremely beneficial for the country. Date palms are cultivated in all four provinces of the country hence the production of dates should be increased as exporting dates is far better than importing them.  It is true that trees provide us shelter therefore more and more trees must be planted. However, before planting trees it is necessary to be aware of the properties of the tree one plans to plants. Certain climates are not conducive for certain trees for instance some trees cannot bear extremely hot climate.  The heat wave experienced in Karachi several years ago raised the question of planting more and more trees in the mega city Karachi which has been transformed into a concrete jungle. The incident of heat wave changed the course of debate from just planting trees to planting the right trees in Karachi. Therefore not only creating awareness to plant trees in necessary but knowing the properties of trees is also important.

Our armed forces not only make our borders secure but also work towards beautifying the environment. If you have ever been to any of the garrison’s then you must have noticed different trees and beautiful vegetation adding to the beauty of the nature. Furthermore cutting downs trees or even chopping off a branch in a garrison is next to impossible.  We not only have to control pollution by stop using plot line bags but have to plant more and more trees.  There needs to be a good strategy in place by the government to clean up water reservoirs besides properly managing how to dispose the heaps of garbage in mega cities especially Karachi.  It is important to educate the masses on the importance of growing the right trees at the right place for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately Pakistan is ranked among the list of Asian countries with extremely dirty water bodies. It is sad that all our chemical and toxic waste from the industries eventually ends up in water.  Global warming can only be combated by planting the right trees at the right place.  It is our responsibility to make sure that the area in front of our house is neat and clean and that our household waste is properly disposed of. Healthy and useful activities such as lawn competitions must be encouraged as they create awareness of the need of having a clean environment. Clean environment is everyone’s right therefore plant trees for a clean environment and a healthy life.

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