Glimpse of Communism in the United States of America

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From Socialism to Communism

Over the years young American minds have been indoctrinated by some people in the academia, media and politics to accept the prospect of socialism. Therefore, socialism has been projected to be compassionate leading to equal outcomes for everyone through legislation. It is obviously true that socialism always leads to communism stripping the rights of the citizens.  Eventually a tyrannical totalitarian regime extends its power to the extent of controlling the minds and lives of people.  The idea that the government should provide health care, education, guaranteed income and even the entire cost of living is becoming popular. However, the idea of trading traditions and freedoms for a system that controls people is still objectionable to many people.  Propaganda and placing free speech in jeopardy are the salient features of a communist regime.  The main stream American media has ignored all the evidence proving voter fraud claiming it baseless. Moreover, the US national institutions from executive branch to legislation have concealed the truth despite the plethora of evidence suggesting voter fraud. The elections have been declared free and fair averting tremendous evidence of voter fraud.  Mr. Trump has perhaps become the most controversial US president following the US Capitol Hill siege protests.  It may come as a blow to some that the protestors who broke into Congress were paid rioters pretending to be President Trump’s supporters.

Moreover, members of antifa pretending to be President Trump’s supporters were actually escorted by the Police into Congress building in light of the following photographic evidence.  These screen shots suggest that a protester is conveniently poised to catch all the action for the news media. Plethora of evidence proves that paid rioters broke into Congress to create mayhem at the behest of Democrats and the American Establishment.  Furthermore, it is generally believed that the media has done all it could do to make sure that Biden wins.

Now the US Capitol Hill siege protests are being served as a pretext by the Democrats and the corporate media to silence conservative voices.  Many people fear a backlash as Big Techs are censoring conservative voices.  Not only has the Face Book banned President Trump but it has also removed a page by the # Walk Away Campaign.  This group was home to hundreds of thousands of testimonials of people leaving the Democratic Party. However, a number of world leaders have denounced Big Techs from banning President Trump from their platforms.  Those criticizing the censorship include the German Chancellor; Australia’s acting Prime Minister, Norway’s left wing labor party leader and members of the French Government. Conservative voices suggest that the main stream US media is deceiving and manipulating the minds of the people.  Since half the country is told not to voice their opinion America is surely catching a glimpse of communism.  This undemocratic style of suppressing voices is fairly new for Americans. Therefore, many people consider that it is their God given right to stand against Communism by refusing to accept Joe Biden as the 46th US President.

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