Some artists just technically applied the phrase: best things come in small packages, by building a miniature world in the heart of Time’s Square. Gulliver’s Gate has now become a latest attraction in New York. It is an interactive museum, consisting of a 50,000-square-foot display of miniature replicas of some of the most attractive places on earth. This compelling and engrossing display shows more than 25 famous cities of the world. You can see some of the famous landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the real life looking graffiti filled London streets, all under one roof.

Walking in through the museum, would make you feel travelling the world on foot. You would feel literally passing by idyllic scenes, set across different cities and continents like Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. All these replica cities are 1/87th of their real size. Airports and busy roads are also copied; and their tiny display is made up of functional cars, planes and walking 0.8 inch figures.

 You will see tiny hot air balloons flying and mini citizens walking through the many miniature cities of Gulliver’s Gate. You can also control varied aspects of the displayed scenes. This miniature world is utopian. Everything is perfect and in peace. Model trains and planes set off on time.  This wonderful place has no wars, no refugees, and no protests- but instead has tiny peaceful people amid famous landmarks of the world.

This Imaginary Miniature World is far Interesting than Reality

Everyplace depicted in the museum is not an exact copy of reality. Some of the landmarks exhibit the imaginative work of the creators. The creators by adding a touch of their own imagination have added to the museum a novelty of thought. The Egyptian region in the museum displays an imaginary attack by the mummies. The creators have transported the fictional beast, Loch Ness monster to the Scottish Highlands.

Furthermore, to add humor to the scene, the creators have shown tourists taking pictures of these two illusory arrangements.

You can be a Permanent Part of this Mini World

The 3D scanner is an extraordinary innovative aspect of the museum which allows you to create a mini version of yourself. This three dimensional scanner enables you to place a mini version of yourself in one of the many locations of your choice. This would allow you to reside in Gulliver’s Gate forever! Furthermore, you can take another 3D printed figure of yourself home.

The Extraordinary Mind behind this innovative Project

The mastermind behind this project is an Israeli artist, Eiran Gazit. He not only is involved in designing, building and running of miniature models but has also led this project. The miniature models were initially fabricated in different places and then they were bought in the museum and put together. Furthermore companies like like Beyer Blinder, Brooklyn Model Works, Walthers and Faller have also been part of Gulliver’s Gate, making this fascinating and captivating place a tremendous success.

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