Has the Identification of SS Cotopaxi shipwreck really debunked the Bermuda Triangle Theory?

The SS Cotopaxi went missing in 1925 whilst travelling from Charleston, South California to Havana. Surprisingly in light of a new discovery the shipwreck is not even in the Bermuda Triangle stretching from Bermuda to Florida to Puerto Rico. Michael Barnette marine biologist has identified the Cotopaxi shipwreck as a result of his detective work which he began 20 years ago. According to Barnette a careful look on the map suggests that most of the stories associated with the Bermuda Triangle are not in the boundaries.  The Bermuda triangle theory was not in existence at the time of Cotopaxi’s disappearance as the term was coined in the 1960’s in a magazine. Later in 1974 the best-selling book “The Bermuda Triangle” proposed that the triangle emerged as a result of the destruction of the lost city of Atlantis. Whist searching shipwrecks one particular wreck known as the Bear Wreck caught Barnette’s attention.  Resultantly Barnette took measurement of the wreck searched for historic articles and insurance records besides examining artifacts found at the wreck.  In 2015 a rumor floated about that the ghost ship found by the Cuban Coast Guard was actually Cotopaxi. Consequently Barnette asserted in a video that the real Cotopaxi was at the bottom of the Atlantic. Barnette was then contacted by Science Channel and after a careful investigation there is plenty of evidence supporting the assertion that Cotopaxi is at the bottom of the Atlantic.


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