Everyday technology is advancing at a lightning fast speed therefore today we are much more advanced in every field as compared to the primitive man. This so far achieved technological advancement has to do a lot with human imagination. Human beings have a strong gift of imagination besides having the desire to explore every bit of creation including the complicated human structure. This inquisitiveness has resulted in conducting experiments to discover the complicated working of human body. This has ultimately led to the dissecting of human body which helped mankind in making new discoveries regarding the complication of human body.

Just like the sun is at the central position with all planets revolving around it. Likewise the human brain is the center of all human activity nevertheless all we know about the brain is that it is used for thinking. However, very few people have ever tried to further discover the brain expect for the part, that it is used for thinking. According to Albert Einstein “The world we have created is the product of our thinking; it cannot be changed, without changing our thinking.” Considering what Einstein said, thinking and human imagination is so powerful that it is the only thing that can make or change the world around us. Human brain present inside the skull is the place from where all thinking and reasoning takes place.

Human brain is what controls all emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger etc. which we as humans feel. Thoughts shape our thinking and reasoning which ultimately creates the desire in us to know the answers. There has been a debate that whether or not males and females have exactly the same brain. One opinion suggests that a male and a female brain are different in terms of the white and grey matter present in it. Just like boys and girls are different so is their brain. According to this opinion girls have nine to ten times more white matter in their brains. However the male brain has greyer natter in it as compared to a female brain.  According to this argument the grey matter deals with the information stored and the actions taken by the body.  The white matter is similar to a web which connects the networking chambers of grey matter with other centers of the brain. Girls have a large hippocampus then boys therefore they have a larger storage of memory as compared to them. According to many biologists, neurologists and scientists the human brain has no gender. However the possibility of a male and a female brain cannot be completely ruled out. Scientists are still trying to fully discover the human brain. Therefore in the years to come, we expect scientists to come up with some new discoveries regarding the human brain.



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