Hitchhiker’s Guide to Sindh

Final episode

While writing about Thatta, I would certainly mention the person who had played the foremost role in actually making this trip happen. Thatta is also important as it is our friend Zeeshan Ahmad’s hometown. We would always be grateful to him for his concern and kindness during our trip. Since we were also accompanied by our class mate Zeeshan during this trip, so to avoid confusion I would call junior Z. Both Z and his brother are based in Karachi but specially came to Thatta to pick us up. Z accompanied by his brother Jahanzeb came to Thatta and showed us Keenjhar Lake. It was our first experience to ride a motor boat so we were super excited. The lake was huge and the Skipper in order to impress us with his abilities, over sped the boat. He took high speed turns and I was compelled to ask him, Has anyone ever drowned in the lake? The skipper replied, No ,but a lot of people while leaning out of the boat have had their arms bitten off by crocodiles. Our visit was to Shahjahan Mosque. It was architecturally similar to Shahi Mosque though it was not that spectacular.

Makli Graveyard was the next place of interest it had 2.5 million tombstones. The Makli Graveyard is the final resting place of many warriors and emperors. Z’s name would be frequently mentioned in this final episode as he wanted us to stay in his house. However despite being grateful to him we preferred staying at a local hotel. We insisted that Z should remain with us in the hotel so he agreed to our request. The hotel that we lodged in, was in Saddar Karachi. The food severed there was not good however we ate and ended up sick the next morning. Our first visit in Karachi was to Quaid-e- Azam’s shrine where we were overwhelmed by feelings of patriotism. None of the shrines that we had visited during our trip could match the architecture splendor of Quaid’s shrine. Traffic jams is a common problem in Karachi nonetheless after wasting plenty of time we finally reached Tariq Road. Zeeshan and Irfan bought a few things such as wallets and jackets as we went around various shopping malls however I preferred to do window shopping. After having brunch at Rehmat-e Sheeren we visited the Clifton Beach. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen as it was my first trip to the beach. On our way back from the beach we were issued a traffic challan (ticket) by a traffic warden for using vehicle lighting. Actually the vehicle lighting belonged to Z‘s father who is an Assistant Commissioner. The next morning we went to Manora Island where we saw the wonderful Himalayan Beach which is monitored by the Pakistan Navy. Therefore the beach was clean and seemed much prettier than the Clifton Beach. Our next place of interest was the PAF museum; on reaching there we discovered that only families were allowed to enter the museum. After cursing the security guard we finally were allowed to enter the museum which had war paintings displayed on walls reminding us of 1965and 1971 wars. Next day we visited the lighthouse and did some shopping. The next morning was our final day of the trip so we bought Sky ways tickets to Rawalpindi. However before we had left Z’s brother asked us to take away a Pizza from the Pizza Hut which was round the corner. It took us a while to reach there due to the Traffic jam. Ismat and Irfan were using the cash machine when Z realized that his car was towed and chased the tow truck. We all chased the truck however I thought there was no use of chasing it so I stopped and had a bite of Pizza. Z and his brother finally convinced the driver to let go of their car and issue them a ticket instead for violation of traffic rules. Finally Z and his brother brought back their car safely I welcomed them and later we all laughed.


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