ICC Champions Trophy 2017-The ‘Mini-World Cup’ Gets Yet Another Go.

With Cricket fever having graced the country yet again (as it so often does prior to a global tournament) and with all the Pakistani supporters coming out in support of their team that had to face its own set of hardships with the team’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup itself has become difficult due the poor rankings and bad gameplay for the past couple of years. Nonetheless, Pakistan is fighting hard to qualify alongside another former world cup holder – West Indies who unfortunately could not participate in the ICC championship trophy as they are not included in the top eight ranked teams In the World. -,.


The concept which was introduced by the ICC, which was initially called the 'ICC Knockout Tournament'. The 'mini-World Cup' (as they now call it) came into existence almost two decades before, precisely in 1998, with South Africa winning the inaugural edition. From the very beginning, it was certain that the tournament would be based on the 50 over ODI format, and it soon became the biggest series second only to the Cricket World Cup with regards to importance until, the World T20 came and garnered a much larger fan base that in turn, changed the outlook and popularity of the ODI format game.-nonetheless, the ICC championship tournament still prevailed and no one prevent it from being telecasted and played. It did however endure a lot over the years.

The tournament was given the name in 2002, which was when it was effectively known as the ICC Champions Trophy. As the tournament was moving on from its regular 'knockout' format and the round-robbin style was emerging as the way forward, Four pools of three teams were made, now with the top one from each pool qualifying for the semi-finals, were thought to be ideal.

Finally in 2006, the tournament it was unanimously agreed by all ICC board members that the only the eight highest-ranked ODI cricket teams in the world would get chosen to play and contest against one another in the tournament.

In the build-up to the Champions Trophy in 2008, fears began to emerge regarding the security arrangements in the host country, Pakistan. With the threat of many teams pulling out from the tournament, it was eventually cancelled altogether. Until in 2009, it was decided that the tournament would take place in South Africa. Seeing that a gap of three years had already passed by then,(as opposed to  the championship normally occurring every 2 years)-the next edition being held in 2010 did not make sense, neither did it in 2011 or 2012,as the World Cup and World T20 respectively were scheduled to broadcast and take place in the same year .More problems and questions arose for the ICC and the world awaited the outcome, which was bittersweet. The tournament would not be called off and would take place in 2013, but that was to be its final edition, with the newly thought out concept of 'ICC Test Championship' taking its place from there on and India were the victors.

Just when things began to seem bleak for the contest that had failed to find its feet on the ground and with people doubting its credentials-and providing the public with many mouth-watering clashes, talks about the ICC's new creation began to break down. With no agreement having been reached by January 2014, the ICC thought there was no reason not to renew The Champions Trophy, and now, the time has finally come! The ICC Champions Trophy, in addition to being referred to as the mini version of the World Cup, is also going to follow its format by being held every four years. The most important fact is that it’s going to get another chance to prove its value to the cricket fanatics and to the ICC. Perhaps staking a claim for itself to become a renowned tournament assured its place in the cricketing calendar; just like the Cricket World Cup. Conceivably, then it would strengthen its claim of being called the 'mini-World Cup'.

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