There is no denying the fact that the Indian politics is experiencing patterns of authoritarianism under Narendra Modi. According to political observers and analysts ,Modi as a part of his political project, is targeting social activists, dissidents and minority groups by taking repressive measures. Initially Modi was portrayed as a perfect man who not only was aware of the ground realities but was also different from the descendants of Nehru- Gandhi Congress. Therefore Modi was considered most suitable to bring the much awaited good days in India. However, Modi after coming to power has only been relentlessly carrying out the task of making India a true Hindu nation. Establishing good days and differentiating true Indians from their enemies has been the cornerstone of Modi’s authoritarian populism.  Ever since the concept of true Indians has been introduced, many activists, lawyers and intellectuals have been labeled as enemies for challenging Modi’s authoritarian regime. Incidents of harassment and torture of activists and journalists has been witnessed, suggesting that the government surely needs to label its citizens as enemies in order to practice Hindutva.  Modi’s conservative politics has surely given rise to the persecution of minority groups in India especially Muslims. According to an estimate ,some 240 Kashmiri youngsters have lost their lives during the month of December.  The imposition of repressive measures by the Indian State is resulting in more restiveness on the part of the Kashmiri freedom movement. . According to Human Rights watch report ,there has been a surge in cow vigilante violence suggesting that more and more Indian Muslims are facing Persecution. Consequently Al Qaeda (AQIS) is gaining strong hold in India as never before.  According to analysts, Mr. Modi’s conservative politics continues to be a contributing factor in fueling community conflict and further intensifying the Kashmir cause.  Since persecution of Muslims in on the rise in India, reports suggest that the chief of AQIS, Sana ul Haq has given a call for Jihadi recruitment.  Furthermore reports suggest that large percentages of Al Qaeda recruits come from Bangladesh while Harqat ul Yaqeen in Burma is also a recruiting factor.  Some international observers consider that the emergence of AQIS and the recurrence of a fierce Kashmiri movement are making India vulnerable to a civil war similar to Syria. Others however are of the view that India being a democratic state would never experience a situation like Syria.  There is no denying the fact that Modi wants to use a small scale war with Pakistan as a strategy to win the upcoming elections.  India despite making claims of having incontrovertible evidence suggesting Pakistan’s involvement in Pulwama attacks has not yet come up with any evidence. On the contrary, Pakistan has clarified that since it has no intention of letting the terrorists use it soil, it would help India in investigating the attack. India’s warmongering attitude is evident from its claims of stopping Pakistan’s share of water and the recent violation of the LOC.   According to DG ISPR there is a common practice of staged incidents in India and Kashmir whenever Pakistan moves towards stability.  The terrorist attacks in 2001 and the Mumbai attacks in 2008 had one thing in common that these attacks took place prior to the Indian general elections.  Similarly the recent Pulwama attacks following the same patterns have been carried out prior to the general elections 2019.  Elias Davidsson’s book Betrayal of India suggests that the Indian version of Mumbai attacks was based on deceit and lies. Considering Davidsson’s assertion ,we can believe that the recent Pulwama attacks were rather fabricated by India as a perfect pretext to engage in war with Pakistan.   Many international observers have been supporting the idea of an impending war in South Asia.  Some pessimist International observers suggest that a small scale war between India and Pakistan would rather serve the US interest of containing the growing Chinese influence.  However this view supports the idea that the US and the international community would do their best to stop the war between the nuclear states from escalating. It is obviously true that even stopping a small scale war from escalating would be extremely difficult therefore war must be avoided.  How Modi overlooks the emergence of AQIS, the recurrence of a violent Kashmiri movement and waging of war with a nuclear Pakistan is astonishing.  Therefore Indian PM Modi should revisit his imprudent strategy of using war among nuclear states as a method of winning the upcoming general elections in India.

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