There is blood on Joe Biden’s hands

There is no denying the fact that Biden administration is feckless and inept and is solely responsible for the misconduct and mayhem in Afghanistan. Joe Biden has successfully earned the title of the most incompetent U.S president.  From giving up the Bagram base to the failure of its strategic and tactical failure in Afghanistan the Biden administration has been a source of dishonor for the U.S. Consequently, there is an uproar suggesting that Biden should either resign or be ready by face impeachment. So, the new debate is to choose between invoking the 25th amendment and impeaching Biden. According to the 25th amendment if the president becomes unable to do his job the vice president becomes the president. Whereas in an impeachment proceeding the House of Representatives accuse the sitting U.S president of wrongdoing. Invoking the 25th amendment would automatically bring Kamala Harris to power which could be equally disastrous. Kamala Harris had earlier claimed of playing a vital role in Biden exit policy regarding Afghanistan. Therefore, Biden and Harris are chips of the same block.

The idea of impeachment is not only confined to Biden as some other public office holders have also been accused of high crimes and misdemeanors.

On Friday two Republican law makers introduced an article of impeachment statement against U.S secretary of state Antony Blinken. In light of the impeachment statement Blinken is responsible for preventable events in Kabul that killed 13 U.S service men and large numbers of Afghan citizens.

The resolution also includes that Blinken is responsible for reckless abandonment of the U.S interests, security and values all around the world. General Mike Milley is also facing the heat for his mendacious statements regarding the security situation in Afghanistan. General Milley had earlier claimed that Taliban would automatically gain control of the country once the U.S pulls out. However, later general Milley stated that Keeping Bagram base was not necessary for the United Sates to keep order in Afghanistan. One view suggests that there was absolutely no point in abandoning the U.S bases in Afghanistan. The United States should have maintained its bases in Afghanistan despite its withdrawal.  The United States had kept its bases in Germany and Japan even after the second world war had ended. Biden administration’s mendacious propaganda includes blaming Donald Trump, Afghan government and military for the disaster in Afghanistan. Despite giving at least 50 executive orders to undo what President Trump had done Biden is blaming Trump. Biden is peddling the lie that he has followed Trump’s plan in Afghanistan. As sophisticated U.S military equipment falls in the hands of various terrorist groups the international community seems to be concerned about the rise in global security risk. However, Biden does not want to answer questions regarding Afghanistan.

Jim Banks a former U.S military sales officer in Afghanistan from 2014- 2015 claims that the United Sates is leaving military equipment worth $85 billion. Therefore, Blank asserts that if this military equipment is used to kill any American now or any time in future the blood is on Biden’s hands.  Adding to Banks statement Biden would be responsible for every drop of blood that might spill owing to any terrorist activity carried out using U.S military weaponry.

Following the situation in Afghanistan some Americans are even calling for Joe Biden’s Court-martial while others suggest that he should at last be impeached.  One opinion contends since the democrats are in control of the house therefore it highly unlikely to for any person from Biden administration to be impeached. However, it seems that the democrats despite being in charge of the house would not be able to save Biden.   The recent uproar asking for Biden’s resignation suggests that Biden would not be able to continue in the office of the president amidst mounting criticism. Invoking the 25th amendment could bring more trouble as Harris may even turn out to be worse than Biden. Therefore, Impeaching Biden and some other prominent names from the administration including Kamala Harris could place the United States in a better situation.

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