Is the Artificial Snow in Texas a Part of a Larger Conspiracy?

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Conspiracies and Balderdash

Texas is well acquainted with extremely cold and extremely hot weather however it does not often get snow.  The year 2021 has broken snow records and now parts of Texas lie under thick blankets of ice.  Therefore many parts are breaking century old temperature records making the Texans experience artic weather conditions.  The State of Texas has experienced power outages, and widespread damages from burst pipes and water main breaks causing millions to go without power. White House advisor Liz Sherwood Lander stated “the extreme weather events that we are experiencing this week do yet again demonstrate to us that climate change is real and is happening now.”  White House advisor lander however has admitted that the snow storm has highlighted weaknesses in the US power grid infrastructure which need to be addressed.  The Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has blamed the democrat’s efforts to replace fossil fuel with green energy. Amidst this blame game Texans are forced to boil water before they can use it.  According to an estimate some 13 million people have to boil water before using it.  Therefore some clever Texans after burning snow have surprisingly come up with the new fake snow theory. Many people believe that Joe Biden’s government has purposely rained artificial snow on Texas causing severe damage to people and infrastructure.  Moreover, some have speculated Bill Gates involvement in the so called orchestrated fake snow.  As speculations suggest Bill Gates involvement many are viewing the current situation as a part of a larger Chinese conspiracy.

However, it is always advisable to distinguish between conspiracies and balderdash.   It is scientifically proven that whenever snow is burned it does not turn liquid from solid.  The snow on being burned instead turns from solid to gas and the process is called sublimation.   Therefore it is important to acquire some degree of scientific knowledge in this digital age and not be carried away with conspiracy theories which are actually balderdash.

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