Is the Latest Feature in our Favorite Ludo App really worth it?

Do you remember a notification sent to us upon downloading the Ludo Star App to keep checking for updates in the Google Play Store for new and exciting features? I did exactly that. Although I did not immediately notice anything new in my Ludo Star App but as I was engrossed in a match with an outsider and by outsider I mean someone who was not in my friend’s list, I got a notification that that someone wanted to be my game buddy.

That is when I knew that the new feature updated was the game buddy option.

The game buddy is an option where you can randomly add someone as your friend within the Ludo Star App from anywhere around the world. Now is this latest feature really worth it?

On the bright side it will bring people from very different cultures to interact with each other on a very peaceful and friendly platform. It will encourage a more common understanding and awareness towards other countries. Your social circle will globalize which is a very important factor for a modern society.


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