Sleep is the key ingredient in the everyday life of an average individual. Sound sleep is as important for an individual as food or fresh air is I must say.  During sleep body heals itself and restores chemical balance. Sleep helps the brain to forge new connections and helps memory retention. Sleepless nights reduce the quality of life and according to one study increase the risk of early death by 12 percent. The young generation spends most of our time surfing the internet during the night however very few of us use internet in a constructive way. Our nights are usually spent using the social media, watching movies and chatting with friends. Staying idle during the day and working during the late hours of night has become a common norm. However what we fail to realize is that a peaceful sleep in the night is surely the best time for the body to renew its machinery. Furthermore a lot of us believe that watching TV seasons during the night instead of the day time is more enjoyable.  The norm of staying awake during the night for fun is inadvertently destroying our health.   The question about how much sleep one needs vary from person to person but approximately 7-8 hrs of sleep is needed by an average individual. If you experience symptoms like daytime fatigue, excessive yawning, irritability and sleepiness then you are actually sleep deprived. Stimulants like caffeine in liquids coffee or tea is not enough to override your body's need of sleep. An individual long deprived of sleep is more likely to eventually becoming sick.  Several private enterprises in the country have late night working hours. Resultantly employees who stay awake all night get the biological clock disturbed which renders them susceptible to health problems in the long run.

 Nights are usually silent and peaceful therefore students appearing for competitive exams choose to study during the night. However one big mistake in studying during the night is that the brain shuts down its memory processor during the night therefore retaining knowledge at that time takes extra effort.  Above all God says in his book the Holy Quran that day time has been created for work and night for sleep therefore one can imagine the repercussions of going against the laws of nature.

Just as sleep helps to keep newly learned things in the memory conversely insufficient sleep results in an exhausted brain which is less efficient and less creative. Sleepless nights can more often lead to mood swings and depression eventually affecting one’s decision making and judgment.  It is during sleep that our immune system produces essential material to combat infection and sickness. However, chronic sleep deprivation can decrease the efficacy of the immune system increasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, blood pressure and stroke. During sleep our immune system produces products which are essential for our body to combat infection and illness. Therefore when there is chronic sleep deprivation immune system cannot function well resulting in higher risks of diabetes and heart diseases, blood pressure and stroke. Long-term insomnia (reduced sleep) leads to micro sleep during the day time for 1 or 2 seconds. However the individual often falls asleep for extremely short spells without his brain being aware of it which often becomes a cause of road accidents. Sleep is essential for good health absence of sufficient sleep can cause the skin to lose its radiance resulting in dull skin with fine lines. Moreover sleep deprivation can produce stress hormone Cortisol at a higher rate which in due course breaks down the collagen of the skin. Loss of sleep increases the risk of an early age death for sure. How to catch up on sleep is perhaps the big question striking your minds.  However, catching up on sleep is not as easy as you think. In order to pay the debt of sleeplessness nights you have to increase your sleeping hours every day. Once you sleep an extra hour everyday your health would improve in several weeks’ time or even longer.  Nevertheless sufficient hours of sleep would result in a healthy and improved life.

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