Jab Harry Met Sejjal Review: SRK is a hit, nothing else is

I think Imtiaz Ali ought to have settled on the name “Much Ado about Harry and Sejal”. Since, with various versions of remorse to Shakespeare, accepting the science between the lead stars, this is accurately what the film adds up to: not much. The "much ado" was made in one of Shakespeare's most acclaimed works.

Jab Harry Met Sejal is a romantic film, starring the very popular Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.  The movie has a few positive points: the cinematography is top-notch! The makers of the movie underwent a major spending plan across exotic, beautiful locations. It is a romantic tale that includes travel, significant human encounters and an occasionally a confused analysis of mixed feelings.

Sejal (anushka sharma) has certainty issues; her character is shown as a very complexed one and they get dangerous. For instance, she doesn’t listen to Shahrukh when he warns of her going to places alone, but due to her complexity, she always gets herself into trouble. Her performance in the film was overall just average. She could have been given better dialogues and her character seemed missing.
The movie’s plot begins with a month-long vacation through Europe, Sejjal is about to board her flight to India, when she realizes that her wedding band is lost. In the journey of finding her ring back, she hires Harry (Shahrukh khan) a mere tourist guide and together they set off going by precisely the same places that she and her family went to (during their tour)—in the expectation of finding the object. Obviously the voyage turns out to be significantly more than just “looking for a ring “.

What you require in such movies with their typical one-line plots, is the enchantment and secret of affection blooming between two individuals. All is hard to find in Jab Harry Met Sejal, this puts on a show of being a same-old blend of Ali’s more seasoned movies, in its flashes of Jab We Met, Tamasha and Love Aaj Kal. The music is above average, however “Radha: will inspire you to endeavor into a bhangra blend at your next local mehndi or dholkis! Nevertheless, a stable tour guide like Harry is what everyone would want and for that one would want to yourself a visit ticket to Europe and absorb the sights no doubt. Which tour guide does that much? C’mon! Obviously, in case you are the sort who loves to watch gorgeous sceneries, and loves to picture themselves of visiting the breathtaking locations, you should get yourself a JHMS ticket and get transported to the world that has been beautifully captured proficiently by cinematographer K U Mohanan. For this situation, there's the additional favorable position of a Punjabi `munda' playing your companion, thinker,sweetheart and guide.

Indeed, Shah Rukh Khan's - Harinder Singh otherwise known as Harry begins where Jai (the fiancé) clears out. The disappointment that this visit in Amsterdam conveys inside him is discernable however never really investigated (he keeps getting weird flashbacks but they are not explained in the movie). Often all through Harry’s scenes, one doesn’t feel that he is somebody who needs to be considered important. There are sufficient instances when the viewer feels that he is fleeing from something but it is not disclosed properly. There's an auto scene similar to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, yet dissimilar to the chocolate kid Raj that SRK played at that point, in JHMS he's an agonizing more seasoned man who is candidly held. Shahrukh I believe could have performed better, as he is the Baadshah of Bollywood but nonetheless, he was still the best actor in the movie.

I would overall rate this film a 3/5 for the music and cinematic locations. I would admit that I was expecting more from an Imtiaz Ali and Shahrukh combination. But if you are a diehard shahrukh khan fan, then go and watch this movie!

You all should check it out for yourself! What are your thoughts?

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