Jade Café Another venture by China Town

With one outlet in Lahore and another in Islamabad, Jade follows the typical British style interior of their restaurants. Speaking of Jade Café Islamabad, you will find it in a very nice corner plot in F-8/4. The surroundings of the cafés building are covered by tall plants, just so that outdoor sitting could be private for guests. Oh and you will not find Jade alone, it is accompanied by The Social Café to its left with China Town right above it. A s a matter of fact Jade Café is also owned by China Town itself. Nevertheless, speaking of the open air sitting, Jade has not only protected its guests with green plants on one side but also with a sky full of fairy lights up ahead!


Islamabad has bistros left, right and center; all serving nearly similar snacks, beverages and sweets. In the bistro verse, just a touch of burrowing uncovers that there aren’t numerous around that have an “entire” menu yet are likewise light on the pocket. This is likely what the owners of Jade Café took advantage of. It is the second wander by similar restaurateur’s serving mouth-watering indulgences at China Town yet takes after an altogether extraordinary idea.


There is a wide and long menu to choose from. I chose the following dishes; The buffalo wings with honey- mustard sauce as an appetizer is certainly the right quantity but lacks the “oh, once more please” tinge to its taste. The chicken parmesan on the other hand is a good choice if you want to go for something spicy, however again it’s not something you would want to eat again and again. Now coming to the pizza, what we ordered was Jade’s Special. It was one mouth-watering pizza! Inspired by the Italians themselves, Jade offers you the exact pizza right there and then. With a thin crust and base and the right amount of cheese on top, covered with bits and pieces of chicken and spices (although I would say that they should go easy on the capsicums).


Mulligatawny Soup was fermented with lentils, rice and chicken. At first glance, the soup showed up as a sort of chicken puree. The lentils, rice and chicken sang in culmination, supplementing each other as far as taste and consistency is concerned.


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Seems like Islamabad is leaving Lahore behind! The trend of new restaurants opening in the capital is just awesome! Nonetheless, if you are looking for a reasonable price to eat at and want decent taste of food then Jade is the place to go. I would rate it a 3.5/5!


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