Jaun Elia was a Urdu poet who is either loved or hated by his close acquaintances. He was an incredible poet who was able to impress large audience’s especially young people with his genius. Despite being a popular poet with many fans flocking him he was quite a lonely man. Many of his admirers and close allies had forsaken him owing to his ill temper. According to a close ally, He was a dissatisfied and frustrated man as he was unable to find his ideal all his life. Loneliness, frenzy, pain and suffering were the basis of his poetic thought however he at times still managed to amuse the audience with chords of black humor.


Jaun Elia born Jaun Aghar came into this world on the 14th December 1931 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh India.  He was the brother of ‘Raise Amrohvi’ and ‘Syed Muhammad Taqi. He was the son of ‘Syed Muhammad Shafiq’. Elia from the days of his youth had a great inclination towards communist ideas and was even against the partition of India. However, after partition he succumbed to circumstances and therefore eventually migrated to Karachi in 1957.

Elia after settling in Karachi became a popular poet as his poetry was capable of attracting large number of readers. He emerged as one of the outstanding Urdu poets as his use of colloquial words attracted both critics and common people alike. According to some critics his poetry betrays his sense of loneliness.  In reality, he for the most part was a lonely man being separated from his immediate family.  Elia and his wife Zahida Hina got divorced back in the 1980’s and resultantly he became an alcoholic.

Elia was a gifted man and was fluent in Urdu, English, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit besides having some affinity with Hebrew.  One of the bitter realities of his life was that, as quickly as his poetry attracted fans, his bad temper also repelled them.  Jaun Elia passed away on the 8th of November 2008. His death has certainly left a vacuum in the world of Urdu poetry.


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