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This year Yolo e-mag launched its global peace club with the desire to build global peace. However while initiating our peace club we made mention of the fact that the eschatology’s of Abrahamic religions suggest the inevitably of war leading to the end of age. Jerusalem is considered sacred to the three major religions of the world Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Arab Israel conflict remains one of the long standing conflicts of the world. However, it is important to realize that this particular conflict stems out of the divergent interpretations of these three religions regarding the historic significance and the future of Jerusalem. It is obviously true that knowing each other’s perspective does not cause any harm to anyone. Nonetheless it is mistakenly believed that sharing the perspective of others means taking sides with them. The idea of not being open to listening to others perspective simply results in extremism and intolerance. As there is no harm in knowing the truth and sharing knowledge. our peace club aims at providing a clear and better view of different longstanding conflicts.

The purpose of our global peace club is to create a platform of sharing knowledge and different perspectives without hurting the feelings of any community.

The Muslim began to conquer the Middle East from the 7th century to year 1099 and also conquered the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount area. After a series of battles between the crusaders and the Muslims, Salahuddin Ayubi finally conquered Jerusalem after resisting the crusaders for 20 years.

This victory established the control of the Ottoman Empire over Palestine and the Temple Mount till 1917. Then the British Empire’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force led by Edmund Allenby captured Jerusalem during the First World War. The British then through a mandate of the UN allowed the Jews from all over the world to build Israel in the area of Palestine.

Surprisingly the holy city of Jerusalem has been destroyed completely twice, besieged by armies 23 times, attacked 52 times and recaptured 44 times. Today the old city of Jerusalem has four different sections the Armenian quarter being the smallest, the Jewish quarter, the Christian quarter and the Muslim quarter being the largest. Before going any further with our discussion we must consider why Jerusalem is scared to three monotheistic religions. The three Abrahamic religions not only have their own beliefs concerning the history of Jerusalem but also have their own interpretation regarding its future according to their Holy Scriptures.
The Temple Mount has been the most controversial site in Jerusalem without any shadow of doubt for centuries. Al- Aqsa Mosque known as Haram esh Sharif is built on the Temple Mount area and is considered the third holiest site in Islam. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was originally built by Omar ibn-al-Khattab the second caliphate of the Rashidun Caliphate. According to Judo Christianity Solomon and Herod’s temple once sat somewhere around that area. However, according to Muslim tradition there was no Jewish presence on the Mount before Jews had occupied the area from Jordon and annexed it into Israel. In light of the Muslim tradition there is no historical evidence of any Jewish presence on the Mount therefore the Jews have no right to the Mount.
The discussion at hand is only aimed to share the perspectives of the three Abrahamic religions based on their beliefs regarding Jerusalem’s history and future.
According to Muslim faith Jerusalem is considered the third holiest place after Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia. There are two Islamic holy places built on the temple Mount the dome of the rock and the Al- Aqsa Mosque which is located on the southern area. According to Muslim faith Jerusalem is considered a holy place as several prophets preached around it. Furthermore according to Muslim faith Jerusalem was the first Qibla the holy place where Muslims turned in prayer. Later the Holy Prophet PBUH was instructed to change the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca (Quran 2: 142-144). According to Islamic faith angel Gabriel miraculously took the Holy Prophet PBUH from the scared mosque in Mecca to the furthest mosque Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. The event of Isra and Mi’raj are mentioned in the first verses of the 17 chapter “The Children of Israel “(Quran). Therefore every Muslim considers Mecca and Jerusalem holy and therefore has a spiritual connection with Jerusalem. According to Muslim faith Imam Mahdi would conquer Istanbul and Mount Dayalam and regard Jerusalem and the dome his home. In light of Hadith the return of Imam Mahdi would coincide with the return of Hazrat Isa who would descend from heavens at dawn in al-Qudus. Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa would meet each other and then lead people in Fajr prayer.

Judo Christianity
According to Judaism Jerusalem is considered the Holy City of God the place where all creation began. Mount Moriah is historically called the mount of God where Abraham offered his son Isaac according to Judo Christianity. David according to (2 Chronicles) purchased Jebusite’s threshing floor and built a tabernacle for God on Mount Zion. Later his son King Solomon built the greatest temple in the history of Israel with Gold and precious stone which was destroyed in 587 BC. The Temple was again built and expanded by King Herod the great and therefore was known as Herod’s temple. It was again destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE during the siege of the city. Jerusalem is also considered the holy city of God by Christians as it has the sites of Jesus’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection according to Christian faith. According to Judo Christianity Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling suggesting that Jerusalem would be sieged in future but would still be saved by God. According to Mathew 24:14-15, there shall be an abomination that makes Jerusalem desolate. This abomination is referred to in the (book of Daniel 12:11 Old Testament) which is again found in the Book of Revelation. A false prophet will make an image to the Anti- Christ which will speak and live. Those who will not worship the image and receive the mark of the Anti- Christ will be beheaded making Jerusalem desolate. As stated in the Book of Thessalonians the Anti- Christ would sit in the Temple of God showing himself as Messiah in order to deceive the Jews. According to Christian faith Jesus Christ would one day return on the Mount of Olives and establish his millennial reign.
The above discussion provides the reason why Jerusalem despite being considered holy by three monotheistic religions is so contentious. The only similarity between the three religions regarding this city is that it is considered holy and all these nations pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Our Global Peace Club is meant to make the world a peaceful place by encouraging people to listen to each other’s perspective rather than shedding blood.


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