United States to probe Biden Administration over Afghanistan

Joe Biden has been a controversial figure in the history of the American politics. However, he has managed to reach the White House despite being accused of making money from China, Russia and Ukraine. There has been plenty of evidence suggesting voter fraud during the 2020 general elections yet he sits in the office of the President. Since the American main stream media has been directed to protect Biden in every possible way. Therefore, the media for the most part avoids asking him to weigh in on tough questions such as the national debt or the southern U.S border crises. Despite American main stream media’s constant efforts to portray Joe Biden as an international expert and the most genuine person he continues to attract criticism. The American media had been doing its best to protect Biden however the Botched U.S exit from Afghanistan has proved Biden administrations incompetency. Back in 2020 the U.S had brokered a deal with the Taliban. In light of this deal there were conditions for the withdrawal of the U.S troops till May 2021. According to this deal there was some kind of an exchange for various security guarantees from the Taliban. Biden however, had no such conditions for the U.S pull out. Resultantly the botched American exit created chaos in Afghanistan. Hundreds of protestors gathered near the White House enchanting “Biden you have betrayed us.” Most of the international observers and analysts believe that there is blood on Joe Biden’s hands. Millions of Afghans have been displaced as a result of United States mismanagement in Afghanistan. Therefore, the congress law makes are furious over the situation in Afghanistan. The United States is to probe Biden administration’s performance in Afghanistan.

Biden’s initial press briefing makes it clear that he knew that a hasty withdrawal would potentially cause the Taliban to capture Afghanistan. However, Biden has purposely plunged Afghanistan into chaos without even feeling embarrassed for his incompetency. Moreover, Joe Biden seems to delight in putting all the blame on the Afghan government. Biden has unraveled the gains made in Afghanistan just in a few days nevertheless he continues to defend his decision. According to Joe Biden “there was never a good time to withdraw U.S forces.” Moreover, Biden claims that “nation building was never a part of our mission.” However, former president Obamas had signed a deal with Afghanistan which included commitment to strengthen the democratic institutions. In light of Obama’s deal, it is evident that Joe Biden is not even embarrassed of in lying in public. There is no denying the fact that Biden has innocent blood on his hands as he boasts of his hasty decision of pulling out the U.S troops. Joe Biden ‘s deceit and betrayal has brought dishonor both to the American lives lost in Afghanistan and to the U.S tax payers.  Therefore, it is true that an incompetent and corrupt man in the office of the president not only brings dishonor to his country but creates trouble beyond repair.

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