Majority of Americans think that Joe Biden is not running the show

There is no denying the fact that news media in this age of technology plays a significant role in shaping our minds. Despite proven evidence of electronic fraud and fraud database in the 2020 U.S elections the American main stream media convinced the world that the elections were fair. Any intelligent mind after viewing Biden administration’s various policies can understand that White House is certainly headed in the wrong direction. Joe Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States and demonstrates his non-public dementia diagnosis every day. Considering Biden declining cognitive ability Congress man from Texas Rony Jackson has written a letter to Biden to evaluate his mental abilities and make the results public. In 2018 Donald Trump took a cognitive test which proved that his cognitive ability was very sharp and intact. Therefore, Trump has also urged Biden to the take the cognitive test. A recent survey proved that majority of the Americans are skeptical of Biden mental abilities. The polls suggested 57% percent of the Americans believe that Joe Biden is mentally unfit therefore he is not running the show.

From failure in Afghanistan to creating humanitarian crisis on the U.S Mexico border it is evident that Biden is headed in the wrong direction. Since Biden and Kamala Harris encourage illegal immigrants a great humanitarian crisis is already in the making. Hundreds of thousands of people are illegally migrating to the U.S. According to senator Ted Cruz from Texas little boys and girls are trafficked by criminals in summer time. Some of the terrains get incredibly hot risking the lives of these illegal immigrants.

In a recent video Biden was seen in a grocery store where he was asked a basic question about Russia in response, he began to look for his notes. In light of this video former Director of National intelligence Richard Grenell stated. “The Press is doing its best to shield the public from Biden’s bumbling behavior.”  It is obviously true that the American’s are horrified owing to these weekly videos indicating Biden’s declining mental capacities. Joe Biden’s trickery in China and Ukraine, voter fraud, failure in Afghanistan and U.S -Mexico Border suggest that he is unfit to be the president. If the U.S President is considered to be the most powerful man on the planet Biden seems entirely unfit to be in the White House.

Political U-turns despite being considered ignominious are still practiced by politicians all over the world. . Biden administration has taken a U-turn by shifting the onus of Afghanistan’s nation building on its neighboring states. There is no denying the fact that the U.S wants an escape from Afghanistan without presenting a clear roadmap to facilitate global peace. The irony is that the man who is responsible for all the important decisions of the world is mentally unfit.

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