Kallisto- For your Eyes ONLY!

So a new multi-level restaurant just opened up in Bahria Town (Islamabad), which has caused a lot of hype, especially on the weekends. I see a lot of my friends checking in on their Facebook and so naturally I decided to give it a dry. My friend and I visited Kallisto on a very rainy night. We drove up the Bahria Expressway and to our right we see the all new - Kallisto.  Our first reaction was “WOW”! The exterior is gorgeous. One can instantly tell that a lot of hard work, creativity and effort was put into building this restaurant.

You can see the magnificent breadth of the building eyeing you with pride. It is covered with greenery peeking at you from every corner and it has stony staircases giving it a very natural yet different touch. Kallisto has seven different lounges, based on different themes for you to choose from. However, since we arrived on a very rainy and crowded night, we had to wait outside in the canopy for around five minutes before being guided to our dinner lounge.

When we entered the lounge, I insistently noticed that the dine-in hall was Egyptian themed. The walls had Egyptian symbols engraved and one wall was dedicated to being one giant window from which you could set eyes on Bahria’s expressway and the life on its road. To be completely honest, the menu had nothing appetizing on it neither was it very extensive. The menu was rather small but reasonably priced. So my friend and I decide to give their Mushroom Cream Soup, Kallisto Special Chicken and Stuffed Chicken Breast a try.

We were not impressed with the taste Kallisto has to offer. Really, the food was bland. I wondered, if Kallisto has so much to offer in their architecture then why not spend a few bucks on the chef as well and hire someone whose food goes in accordance with their ambiance? Their food is their major and only drawback. Not only was the food slightly bland but my friend’s plate had a roasted fly waiting by the onions to be devoured! Yes, a fly!!! Although the dish was quickly replaced by the management but the fly’s mission was accomplished. We no longer had the stomach to digest the food anymore.

Talking about the management, the staff was very polite, the ambiance was very comfortable, and the view is beautiful but the food still needs a lot of improvement.

Overall, I would rate it as a 3/5 because it is for your eyes ONLY and not for your taste buds.

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