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Khyber Dodai is a must visit for all the Pashtuns out there as well as for every ‘desi-afghan cuisine’ lover. I believe Afghan food has a style of its own - Every dish at Khyber Dodai is served in a traditional Pashtun style i.e. in cast iron woks or large Karhais, along with their long, oval shaped piping hot naans!!

I had Kabuli Pulao there and I loved it except for the fact that the meat was a little hard compared to how it is normally served i.e. soft, tender and saturated with flavor. The rice was soft and seemed to dissolve instantaneously as it touched my tongue. The meat, if I had had it separately would have been amazing but since it was served with the rice it did not complement it very well. Furthermore, the plate of chicken tikka consisted of a touch of spice but it was nonetheless very tender. I loved it.

There are two seating areas at Khyber Dodai; one is for people who like to sit indoors and the other is for outdoor lovers. The outdoor sitting arrangement is on the roof which is closed during the day but open in the evening. I guess it’s probably because of the hot weather in the afternoon. The indoor seating area is decorated with beautiful wall paintings; exhibiting women wearing traditional Pashtun dresses adorned with exquisite jewellery and are surrounded by stunning scenery’s and landscapes depicting Pashtun beauty. The outdoor dining area consists of small booths with glass windows and sheer curtains for privacy. Also, the booths are for people who like to eat their food in the traditional Afghan style; on rugs and carpets with large colorful cushions.

The presentation of the food however isn’t very impressive. I believe that a person’s desire to eat a meal increases if the food looks attractive. For me, the presentation of the food means a lot. The appearance of every dish was too simple for my taste. It is neat and presentable but I believe their dishes still needs more improvement as it is served in (technically) a fine dining restaurant.

The crowd at Khyber Dodai is very pleasant; Mostly families and people with informal meetings are known to visit this restaurant.

When I visited Khyber Dodai, the service was a bit slow as compared to other eateries. As I waited eagerly for my food, I could hear a lot of people complaining about the staff. However, the service is worth dealing with once they serve you with their oh-so amazingly delicious karhai and the yummiest naan ever! Though, the downside of this eatery is that the menu is a little expensive but Nonetheless, I believe this place is definitely worth seeking out at least once and is one of a kind on its own. I would rate Khyber Dodai 4/5 and I would certainly not mind going back there again.

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