Ludo Star – Let Our Childhood Games Begin!

This particular board game was vastly enjoyed by the many people of the subcontinent. Our childhood and of those before us were engulfed by an evening dedicated to this very addictive game – Ludo. Even in schools, the time restricted for sports used to be consumed by a friendly match of Ludo when it was too hot or too wet to play outside.

Ludo game is for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens through and through as indicated by moves of a solitary pass on. The amusement and its variations are prominent in numerous nations and under different names. Ludo began in India by the sixth century. This diversion was played by the Mughal rulers of India; an eminent case is Akbar.

And now the latest version of it is to download the Ludo Star app and play it online with friends, family and just anyone around the world! Invite friends, challenge them and choose any of the three variations you would like to play; quick, classic and/or master.

Even I gave it a try a few times but I have not won a single game up till now 

Here is what the people have to say about the all new Ludo Star:


A true well-wisher


Then there are people who only play for the coin($)…

But I will let you know of one thing, whether you like the game or not, play it once and you are definitely bound to become an addict.

And let’s not forget those those fun emoji’s!!

The game has also garnered some negative feedback from players with some people abusing others during the game while chatting. Some have the opinion of having the “chat” option deleted from the game so that people could play without having to argue or fight during the game. Some women have also faced many an abuse, which has become a problem for the company as they could lose players this way.


All in all, I would still suggest that you Download it from your app store and begin playing it now! It’s definitely become one of my favorites. What about yours?


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