Ma Hunzat Gasus

Exploring Places

Day 2:

We were fashionably late the next day as some people were not willing to accept the fact that a new day had dawned. Someone needs to take the blame we were late however our plan was still not disturbed so the breakfast was followed by a mandatory photo session. That day our initial destinations were Sar lake and Babu Sar top before finally reaching Hunza by night. It was a long ride therefore we had to make several stops despite the fact that we did not want to be late.  People may have a different opinion but in my view Lulu Sar Lake is more beautiful than Lake Saif-ul – Malook owing to its scenic beauty and serenity. Considering the fact that this trip was unusually long we decided to play some newer games. So we decided to play Truth or Dare before finally playing Charades which made our long trip more enjoyable.  Our first destination was Babu Sar top which is a mountain pass connecting Kaghan valley to the Karakoram Highway (KKH).  This is a magnificent place frequently visited by tourists but uninhabited though. Since the place is a desolate scenic beauty therefore it only had a small dhaba (eatery) where cold fritters were served with tea which was not even made right.  However, we decided to have this strange food any way as it was the best that we could get. The weather was cold and breezy even in July so everyone pulled out their cold weather clothing. From the top we could see water traversing through the landscape which was indeed spectacular.  The Oxygen level significantly drops at this enormous height resultantly I began to feel unwell and decided to take a nap once we resumed our journey.  I woke up after hour an hour as it became really hot inside the bus as we were approaching Chillas where the weather was considerably hot.  Unlike the mountains in Kashmir this mountainous area was sandy and barren with no vegetation at all.  Despite not wanting to stop at Chillas we had to stop as it was lunch time and we also had to offer prayers.  We rolled down our glass windows once the bus moved just to get some fresh air in that scorching heat. After praying for the wind to blow finally the wind blew whipping up sand and dust. The wind whipped up dust into the sky to the point that we began to choke. Later we had lunch which was surprisingly tasty however due to the extra hot weather we felt that the food had been served directly from hell. Surviving the unbearably hot weather for an hour or so was extremely difficult.  The only way of escaping the insane heat was to reach Hunza which was still afar off ( Hunaz hanooz dour ast).  The weather became better once we resumed our journey furthermore the evening was slightly cooler.  We had no plan of visiting Gilgit city so we did not stop there but rather kept travelling to Hunza.

It was nighttime when we reached Hunza. To our surprise Hunza had been adorned with lights for the diamond jubilee celebration of Prince Agha Khan.  I had once read Mustansaar Hussain Tarar’s Hunza Ka Charaghan where he had mentioned that not only houses but mountains are lighted in Hunza. The time that I had read Tarar’s account of a well- lit Hunza I could not imagine that I would also get to experience this astounding beauty. The multi colored lights made the night exceedingly beautiful suggesting that there could not have been a better time such as this to visit Hunza.

Hotel rooms had been booked for girls while the boys were left with the option of spending the night in a huge hall.  This is what we could afford therefore despite the fact that some of the boys were unhappy to stay in the hall nothing could be done. However, most of the boys were still happy as we had finally reached Hunza the fun land of promise.


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