Ma Hunzat Gasus

Day 1:

History reveals that whenever a class trip is organized the class does not leave for the trip right on time. Getting late is a common practice you may plan to leave at 8am in theory but in practice you will leave at 10am. Delay comes merely due to two reasons first it is impossible for a large number of students to assemble on time.  Secondly girls take more time to get ready the reason for blaming girls is that it is better to put all the blame on girls.  It was an exciting trip for us as our class was going to the beautiful Gilgit Baltistan. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical College had arranged three buses for its students. Our 4 hour journey was spent indulging in  songs, listening to music and making noise as this is what students are accustomed to do while traveling.  Our first stop was Khewai where we had lunch and then set off for Naran our next destination. Naran is indeed an interesting tourist attraction offering all what tourists look for however this time the object of amusement was rafting.  For those of you who are not familiar with rafting let me explain it to you. Rafting is an exciting sport with people traveling down the river on a raft.  It began to rain as we reached the city so we felt that we would not be able to raft. However, our trip could not have been adventurous until we did something scary. According to the rule we had to sign a form affirming that in case of any causality the authorities will not be held responsible. Despite being aware of the consequences we decided to play this amazing sport anyway. We were first given a short lesson on how to raft and then small groups were organized. There were 6 members in our team it was an exciting experience we had to listen to our captain’s instruction. Our captain ordered half the team to paddle forward and rest of the team members to paddle backward. This caused the raft to spin making us scream with joy and excitement. We were appreciated by our captain for listening to him and for rafting so well.  Our rooms were prepared for us by the time seventy five people were free from water rafting. The semi-posh hotel that we checked in was away from the main city close to Lake Saif-ul- Malook. We went to our bedrooms to take rest after the dinner had been served however we decided to stay awake and play Ludo. Our final destination Hunza was still far away “Hanooz Hunza dour ast.”(Hunza is still far away).


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