Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Author John Gray was first compelled to write this book because he noticed a peculiar situation in his relationship with his wife.

Their emotional distance made Gray rethink and recourse his life and actions which proved to not only benefit his relationship with his wife but also helped relationships of the opposite gender worldwide.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus depicts the actual difference in the natures of the two sexes. Gray compares the two sexes as two entirely different species living on different planets; men on Mars and women on Venus. Eventually, in the pursuit of love they find themselves co-existing on Earth. Why do they fall in love if they are so different? The difference itself is the reason. Since the nature of men is mostly alike, they look for something milder and more beautiful in nature and someone who can depend on them. Women on the other hand look for something more independent and strong in nature and someone they can rely on.

However, living together and spending more time together creates conflict for they start seeing flaws in each other. In this book, Gray attempts to make one gender understand the mind, way of life and course of action of the opposite sex. For example, Gray explains that once in a while a man will ‘retreat into his cave’. This cave can be anything; a sport, a videogame, a study room or even just merely watching television. Now women view this as ‘being ignored’, they start feeling unheard since their man is not willing to give them attention but to instead shut himself out from the world. Gray makes the women understand that this behaviour is completely normal for a man and it does not in any way imply that he loves her any less;he is merely having his alone time which is very important for a man because it refreshes his mind and he eventuallu bounces back to his old self..

On the other hand, Gray tells men that it is imperative for every man to communicate to his better half. Unlike men, women do not use just one-liner statements,  but rather prefer to express themselves in  long and emotional talks. For example, if a man is stressed out, it is best to ask him once andthen let him be and give space for some time. But if you do the same to a woman, she may  feel unloved or neglected. It is important to empathize with a woman  and be persistent in interacting with her one way or another..

Personally, I absolutely loved this book, mainly because it honestly did make me understand the opposite gender better. It helped me prove to be a better friend, daughter and hopefully a good wife. I would recommend this novel to  everyone, especially if you really want to uncomplicate your life, even a little bit. Overall,  I would rate this book 5/5. It’s definitely a must read!

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