Meray Pass Tum Ho

Meray Pass Tum Ho is a story of trust and betrayal starring Humayun  Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui in the lead roles. Other cast includes Hira Mani, Saveera Nadeem, Mohammad Ahmad and child artist Shees Sajjal Gul. This drama directed by Nadeem Baig and written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar was produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Naseeb’s Six Sigma Plus. Meray Pass Tum Ho has surely taken the television audience by storm setting new records of popularity. The last episode of the drama was aired on 25th January 2020 bringing an end to this most sought after television series. Danish (Humayun Saeed) a government servant lives with his wife Mehwish ( Ayeza Khan) and their son Rummi (Shees Sajjal Gul).  Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has not come up with an intriguing story but has conveyed several undercurrent messages for an intelligent audience. Television dramas wherein characters represent the dominant thinking style of the society at large have become a rarity. Protagonist Danish (Humayun Saeed) is a white collar man forced to live on his limited salary and therefore fails to satisfy his acquisitive wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan).  Despite having very little financial freedom Danish sticks to his moral values of not acquiring wealth through dishonest means. Therefore his character represents the segment of society which adheres to their moral values. On the contrary his wife Mehwish ( Ayeza Khan) represents people who advocate the idea of living a luxurious life through dishonest means. Danish owing to his good moral values cannot be easily manipulated however he is at times tempted to make money dishonestly to please his wife. One undercurrent message which the writer has put across is that white collar people despite having incredible authority are under paid. Consequently rich people often succeed in manipulating them with bribery and getting their work done. Mewish ( Ayeza Khan) is a good picture of people who give up their moral values for a better life.  Mehwish likes flattery and gets influenced by her friend Anoushey and neighbor Monti that she deserves a better life. The story gets an interesting twist when villain Shehwaar Ahmed appeals to her greed and she leaves her husband for a luxurious life. Since Shehwaar Ahmed has acquired wealth after marrying his rich wife Maham (Savera Nadeem) therefore he does not own anything. Resultantly Mehwish’s dream of becoming rich and living a luxurious life at the expense of her husband and son’s happiness is short lived.

According to Yolo’s Critic

Humayun Saeed gets 5/5 for his acting

Ayeza Khan also gets 5/5 for her acting

Adnan Siddiqui gets 5/5 for his acting

Shees Sajjal Gul gets 5/5 for his acting

Savera Nadeem gets 5/5 for her acting

Hira Mani also gets 5/5 for her acting

The story of the drama gets 5/ 5

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