Monochrome fashion can never go out of style, not just because it is trendy but also because it offers a wide margin for experimentation. Monochrome outfit can be accessorized for a glam look or can be paired with a fun color to make a statement, or it can be worn just as it is for that effortless chic look. Any which way, a monochrome outfit is a wardrobe must and Pakistani brands know it for a fact and so they have launched their new monochrome collections and pieces in store and online.


Bonanza Satrangi has come up with unstitched Black & White Collection available in 1 piece to 3 piece suit. Covering the whole grey scale, they also have pieces with little pops of color to make the look stand out. This collection is a mix of embroidery and prints in floral and oriental patterns and a piece from this collection surely deserves some space in your wardrobe.



Khaadi has a limited collection of 3 pieces only for their Black & white collection but even their less is more. Their printed monochrome kurtas are such a beautiful mix of convention and contemporary that donning one is definitely going add so much more statement to your outlook. Paired with statement earrings or brightly coloured bag, kurtas from this collection are going to speak volumes on their own.



Gul Ahmed has launched their Black & White Lawn Collection in geometric prints. Their collection is more white than black and is perfect for the midsummer season. Opt for a piece from this collection to get a breezy and effortless look for days when you want to dress up without doing much.



Sapphire’s all black Monochrome Collection is any girl’s dream come true. Whether you are easy-on-fashion girl or a glam girl, this collection is meant to meet all your wardrobe requirements.  A plain black kameez is a wardrobe essential and everyone should have one in their closet.  Ranging from flared sleeves to 3 quarters and from straight shirts to gathered frock silhouette the possibilities of putting up a look with any one of these embroidered monochrome tops are endless.



Ego has come up with an All Black Collection in a range of embroidered and printed tops. They have played around different cuts and styles and if you are excited about experimenting with your personal style a piece from this collection is an essential. From classic cut to Boho inspired cut, there is a wide variety to choose from and every top is different from the other giving even more options to explore what might go for you.



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