My Story, My Battle!

Dear 19-year-old- me,

You know what they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Anorexia is bad. It could happen at 19, 25 or even 35. One day you’re going be unable to move outta bed without a sharp pain in your leg, your muscles will feel a 100 times weaker ,your face will be flushed of any colour and there won’t be much you could do about it except pile up on painkillers and eat. Even when you eat, you’ll realize you don’t have much of a “gymmer’s” appetite you had till about a month ago. Your lunches will just get cold and you may even attempt to have them for dinner. But even that will be tough
Man up, 19-year -old-me. It’s not the end of the road. You will be able to eat soon. Just take a few baby steps at a time. Those words of encouragement and calls will tear you up. But they’ll do you good. Whatever you’re stressing over probably isn’t even worth it. Exams, relationships, work etc. Your health is priority #1. Just pull through. You’re probably losing hope while you type because even your hands are failing you. But I promise it’ll be okay.


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