It is believed that perfection is not attainable however by chasing perfection excellence can be achieved.  There is certainly no single definition of a perfect actor however; Shakespeare made a few comments on acting through Hamlet’s speech.  Actors must be motivated by the words and use that motivation to craft a performance.  Considering Shakespeare’s point of view that ‘acting should not be overdone or underdone’ Nadeem  Baig has all what it takes to be a perfect actor. Mirza Nazeer Baig was born in 1941 in Andhrapradesh Vijayawada British India.  His family moved to Pakistan when he was only six years of age.  Nazeer Baig initially wanted to study medicine other than dreaming of either becoming a cricketer or a singer.  Besides playing cricket he had a natural inclination towards singing therefore during his school and college days he sang whenever the opportunity arose.  Back in the day when he was still a student Nisar Bazmi had composed music for films Yeh Karachi Hai and Sehara.  Nazeer Baig was given the opportunity to sing for these two films which never materialized despite the fact that the songs had been recorded.  After completing his education Nazeer Baig moved to Dhaka and began his career as a sales representative in an advertising concern.  Besides doing a 9 to 5 job he managed to appear on Dhaka TV in the national integration program where he sang in Urdu and Bengali.  Nazeer Baig was a close friend of famous musician Robin Ghosh therefore he seldom accompanied his musician friend during song recordings. It was during the song recording of film Chakori that director Ehtesham discovered Nazeer  Baig  and asked him to sing opposite to Firdous  Begum.  After being introduced as a play back singer in Chakori  Nazeer Baig was offered the leading role in the same film by  Captain Ehtesham.  Famous actor Azeem was the first choice for Chakori but it was owing to his busy schedule that Nazeer Baig was introduced as a hero opposite Shabana.  The film became a huge hit and Nazeer Baig instantly became Nadeem Baig achieving cult status.  Despite working with almost all the leading ladies he did maximum numbers of films with Shabnam and Barbara Sharif.  Nadeem and Shabnam became one of the most popular on screens pairs in the history of Pakistani cinema. Some of their memorable films are Aina, Bandish, Ahhat, Talash and Dehleez.

Films Zindagi, Bhool and Mukhra are a few of the many films of Nadeem Baig with Barbra Sharif which left an indelible mark in the history of cinema.  During his long acting career he has only produced two films Miti ke putlay and Mukhra.  Nadeem Baig has appeared on screen as a hero for almost three decades owing to his unmatchable acting skills, hard work and commitment.  Some of his notable films in the 90’s include Bulandi, Jeeva, Sargam and Jo Dar Gaya Wo Mar Gaya.

Some less known interesting facts regarding Nadeem Baig are as follows

  • Nadeem Baig and Waheed Murad were friends even before they both had become actors.
  • The song which he initially sang for music composer Nisar Bazmi was later rendered by Mehdi Hassan and pictured on Nadeem Baig.
  • Nadeem Baig had initially turned down Captain Ethesham’s offer for Chakori fearing that by signing the film he might lose his job.
  • Film maker Zaheer Rehan was Nadeem Baig’s boss while he worked for an advertising concern in Dhaka.
  • Nadeem Baig was sent on a paid leave by his boss Zaheer Rehan so that he could work in film Chakori.
  • He was very much nervous when he worked with film star Mohammad Ali for the first time in film Bazzi.

Nadeem Baig is undoubtedly one of the biggest films stars in the history of Pakistani cinema.  He has been a recipient of many awards including Government’s Star of Excellence, Crescent of Excellence and Pride of Performance.  Nadeem Baig is married to Captain Ethesham’s daughter Farzana and they both are blessed with two sons. After working in films for decades Nadeem Baig made his television debut as an actor in the early 2000’s.  Film Zarar written and directed by Shan Shahid is one of his upcoming films this year. Not only has the actor made humongous contributions to the world of cinema but he also continues to entertain the television audiences by just being a perfect actor.  Nadeem Baig is a true gem of the society who continues to inspire the audiences with his remarkable acting skills.

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