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A TV Satellite is about to explode due to an ‘irreversible’ Battery damage 

It is feared that a satellite build by Boeing and orated by Direct TV will explode in the coming weeks owing to an unexplained accident. To avoid any potential damage to other satellites the US government will permit the satellite TV provider to move the doomed satellite to a higher orbit before schedule. The doomed satellite called Space-Way 1 has been orbiting in space since 2005 and has been providing high definition television coverage from some 22,000 miles above earth.  However, the satellite is currently not providing any coverage for customers. After relying on solar panels for power in the recent months the craft is about to enter its eclipse season – period suspending in the earth’s shadow. Therefore the batteries must be activated. The eclipse season begins on the 25th February therefore according to the company representative the damaged batteries are likely to explode upon activation. The satellite would therefore not only get completely destroyed upon explosion but would also put other nearby satellites at risk.


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