Rising Cynicism in Afghanistan’s Neighbors regarding the Taliban

The United States has recently left the Bagram Base without even informing the Afghan government. The United States was certainly in a hurry therefore it even ignored the fact that Bagram has a prison with 5,000 Taliban prisoners. According to the new base commander General Asadullah Kohistani the Afghan forces were expecting the Taliban to attack Bagram on Monday. So, then it is obviously true that the Biden administration found it more convenient to secretly pull out its troops from Bagram. Moreover, after years of misadventure in Afghanistan Joe Biden has put the onus of Afghanistan’s nation building on its neighboring states. As the United States has already started to pull out most of the Afghanistan’s neighbors seem skeptical of the emerging Taliban regime.  Therefore, Iran, India, Russia and Turkmenistan seem to be unhappy with United States hasty decision to leave Afghanistan. Despite the Afghan war being prolonged for years, the United States has no clear road map for Afghanistan’s future.  The Biden administration is certainly attracting criticism for even failing to train the Afghan forces.  Therefore, the world is not calling U.S exit from Afghanistan a mission accomplished moment for the Americans. One of the main objectives of the United States in Afghanistan was to demolish Al- Qaeda and the Taliban. Therefore, one skeptical view suggests that not only is the Taliban regaining strength but the Al-Qaeda is also very much around. Therefore, there is a strong probability that the Afghan soil could be once again used by any transnational organization for a global terror activity. So, then the question arises if the fear of an impending international terror attack still haunts the world then what has the U.S gained. After sending $ 2 trillion and losing thousands of soldiers Joe Biden failed to convince the world that the world is free from the reign of terror.  According to some critics the U.S peace deal with the Taliban was nothing more than an exit strategy. Despite Taliban’s reassurances of not getting involved in Russia and providing a safe environment for China to rebuild Afghanistan the world seems skeptical. Russia is keeping a close watch to whatever is happening in Afghanistan. According to Russia the situation in Afghanistan could potentially get worst therefore it is all set to use its military base on the Tajikistan’s border. Russia claims to be ready to prevent any aggression against its allies. Whereas Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran are expecting a large influx and therefore seem to be concerned about Afghanistan’s descend into Chaos. Turkmenistan has also reinforced its military forces on its long border.  In light of the situation in Afghanistan India and Iran seem to be forging an alliance indicating the changing regional environment after the U.S withdrawal.  Therefore, the growing anxiety inside and outside Afghanistan concerning the security and safety of the Afghans and the rest of world indicates Joe Biden’s failure. Biden administration’s failure to convince the world of a lasting peace in the region proves that the United States had no mission accomplished moment in Afghanistan.  

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