Muslim World continues its attitude of absolute indifference towards thousands of Muslims who became victims of organ harvesting

It is obviously true that Beijing is doing its best to promote China’s soft power image therefore billions are being spent to make the world love China. There is no denying the fact that the Chinese belt and road strategy is potentially the path to experience unprecedented prosperity for some nations of the world. Since there is a price for everything you gain in life therefore leaders of major Muslim countries are now obliged to remain silent on how Muslim minorities are treated in China.  Sabi Hamid counsel to China Tribunal has asked the U.N Human rights body to investigate the evidence accusing the Chinese government for harboring organ trafficking. According to China Tribunal the Chinese government has been responsible for purloining major organs from members of Falun Gong religious sect and Uighar Muslims.  In light of these reports the Chinese government considers organ harvesting as a lucrative business. Moreover, thousands of Chinese citizens have been victims of forced medical testing for organ harvesting.  China under the pretext of reeducation camps for vocational training has actually setup detention centers where Uyghar Muslims are forced to denounce their faith.  Therefore, the China Tribunal has declared organ harvesting from harmless people as one of the greatest atrocities of this century.  In July 2019 the United Kingdom along with 22 Western countries including Japan wrote a joint letter to the Human Rights High Commissioner against Chinese atrocities.  Conversely the next day 37 Muslim countries commended Chinese effort in protecting human rights through development in a joint letter.  It is obviously true that China’s increasing global influence is causing great insecurity to the western world therefore these human rights violation reports can be easily refuted.  One needs to see the whole picture before making any opinion.  However, the leaders of the Muslim world should at least discontinue their attitude of indifference towards the persecution of minorities especially Uighar Muslims in China.




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