Our Ambitions


YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the first fortnightly e-magazine in Pakistan focusing two key challenges that approx. 120 million Pakistani youth is facing in these times i.e.

  1. Exposure to extremism, violence, abuse, drugs, social & political unrest etc. leading to lack of patience and radical behavior.
  2. Insufficient Talent Building Framework and gaps between academia and professional & social life.

YOLO took the initiative and has two pronged approach to tackle above challenges.

Firstly, to provide a balanced platform in the shape of E-Magazine to engage youth via entertainment, healthy discussion, generate awareness on sensitive topics like Harassment, cyber bulling, and gender sensitization under ROKO TOKO and how to deal with. Being progressive Muslims we have kept a balanced approach to communicate sensitive topics, especially generating healthy debates on de radicalization by adopting more moderate views. Ultimate objective is to steer positive behavior and approach towards life.

On the other hand YOLO is determined to bridge gap between academia and professional & social life by offering Talent Architecture manifesto e.g. Coaching, Mentoring and bespoke Counselling programs, on line training’s, Webinars , Learner’s profile a unique and evolving platform for students. “Fit for Future” is one of our robust Program focusing on Managing Self and Managing Others; prerequisite for not only to move into professional but also for personal life.

We live in a very complex society, hence our aim is to motivate the YOLO generation to become the ‘problem-solvers’ of tomorrow. Vision of our country lies in the hands of our youth and we believe it’s our obligation to provide youth right opportunity at right time. We want YOLO to play a vital role in helping them to distinguish between right and wrong & to exercise their talent for the best of our country’s future.