Has Donald Trump’s open support for Narendra Modi put Imran Khan in a difficult diplomatic situation?

There is no denying the fact that the foremost purpose of PM Imran Khan’s visit to the US is to present the Kashmir issue internationally.   India has witnessed patterns of authoritarianism in its politics ever since PM Narendra Modi has come to power. Surprisingly Modi’s authoritarian style of government and his brutal military tactics in Kashmir have not affected his global popularity as a leader. Not only India continues to enjoy strong economic ties with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states but also developing stronger ties with the US. Modi has been much appreciated by the US president Donald Trump as he suggested the title Father of India for him for trying to unite India. However, the reality is quite opposite to what Trump said as Modi continues to threaten pluralism in India.
It is obviously true that India’s global economic power and her geopolitical position places Modi in a diplomatically advantageous situation.  In a realist world the objective of every state is to maximize its power by securing its national interest. Therefore, it is very easy on Modi’s part to avert the attention of the international community from the situation in Kashmir under the pretext of radicalization. Consequently Islamic radicalization and border security became the cornerstone of the discussion at NGR stadium at Huston. As the international community continues to ignore the threat of violence associated with Hindu extremism it is hard for Pakistan to convince Trump on Kashmir. Most of the international observers are of the view that Pakistan has so far received a lukewarm response by the world leaders on Kashmir issue. Considering the fact that India is already in a diplomatically advantageous position Pakistan also needs to display shrewd diplomacy. Since some US politicians and Congress men had earlier criticized Modi’s assault on human rights in Kashmir. Therefore Trump’s joining hands with Modi endorses New Delhi’s brutal policies in Kashmir.  Contrary to this opinion one view suggests that the US does not support Indian brutality in Kashmir as Trump’s support for Modi only suggests India’s growing Influence.

It is obviously true that Imran Khan’s one to one meeting with President Trump is significant enough to suggest better ties between the two states. However, the fact that Trump is obsessed with the Afghan issue cannot be ignored. Therefore, it can be assumed that Trump’s change of attitude towards Pakistan is only due to the Afghan issue and thus likely to change with circumstances. President’s Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir had been a wonder incase India was willing to accept a third party arbitration on Kashmir.

However, with no signs of accepting a third party arbitration from India FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi sees Trumps offer as a sure sign of diplomatic victory.  Back home not only has the PM Imran Khan been applauded for supporting Kashmir but has also attracted some criticism for his statement regarding Al-Qaeda.  It is obviously true that Pakistan has never supported Al-Qaeda therefore this inappropriate piece of information will further weaken the Kashmir issue internationally. As Modi continues to hide New Delhi’s atrocities in Kashmir under the pretext of cross border terrorism Pakistan needs shrewd diplomacy in order to experience true diplomatic victory.

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