The word habit is commonly defined as some activity that we do repeatedly and unconsciously. Getting a habit is very easy while getting rid of it is very difficult therefore one should be very careful with the habits he chooses.

Chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

  • Warren Buffett

While choosing our habits we should make sure whether these habits are positive and advantageous in the long run. Morning walk, reading, spending time with one’s family are included in the list of positive habits. It is commonly believed that little children emulate their parents and elder sibling’s hence good habits in elders can set a perfect example for children. Moreover by choosing good habits you would make yourself a good role model for your children and siblings.

Types of Habits

Basically there are three types of habits such as motor habits, intellectual habits and habits of character. Motor habits deal with the muscular activities of an individual such as maintaining a particular body posture, running on the stairs etc. Intellectual habits are related with our psychological process such as logically thinking and so on. The third type is the habits of character. As the name implies, these habits make our character and become a part of our personality such as expressing gratitude, hardworking, honesty, helping someone etc.

 Habits of Successful People

According to Brian Tracy, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

What types of habits can be categorized as successful habits? They are as follows:

  • Reading

Successful people read inspiring and productive books. Reading is a vital part of success. I believe that it is better to learn from books rather than learning the hard way. Whatever is written in a book is the product of the author’s experience and hard work usually stretching over a long period of time.

  • Health is wealth

Health is given the foremost priority by successful people. They not only take good care of their health but also try to improve it more and more. These people are usually health conscious for instance; Imran Khan takes great care of his health by doing physical exertion resultantly he has perfect health even at the age of 65.

  • Live each day as if it was your last day

Successful people know the value and importance of now. They never leave their work for tomorrow when it can be done today furthermore they prefer doing their work themselves.

Do not get distracted

Hardworking people are focused and are less likely to be distracted with whatever goes around them. These people like to mind their own business while closely observing how accomplished people achieve success.

  • Plan for tomorrow tonight

Plan what you want to do tomorrow before going to sleep. Keep a diary and jot down all the work that you are supposed to do. It’s better to wake up in the morning with goals set ahead instead of being completely unaware of your own plans


Therefore it is important to have good and positive habits which would not only make our life easy but would also help us in achieving our ultimate goal of having success. Our thoughts direct the actions we take these actions then determine our habits and decisions. We can only set a good example for others if we have positive habits.

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