Present Government’s Austerity Measures and Rising Inflation Is Creating Public Resentment

Is the Government attracting more and more criticism?

Despite having a sincere vision for the country the current government is finding hard to live up to its pre-election promises. Present government’s performance has unfortunately further polarized the society as the general public has different views regarding the government. One view suggests that the present government despite being sincere with the country is not a people’s friendly government. As a result of the austerity measures taken by the government the general public seems to be getting restive mainly because of rising inflation and poor governance. According to a recent survey most of the people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s performance. The general public for the most part wants the present government to continue its tenure however they want an end to the rising inflation.  On the contrary penurious citizens owing to rising inflation fear of being starved to death if the government continues its austerity drive.  One popular view suggests that let time decide how good the government will actually perform by the end of its tenure. However, some people are of the view that if the current economic situation persists people may lose their patience.  According to Harris Khalique the secretary- general of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan the government has added to the miseries of the people. The present government is unfortunately attracting criticism from all most all quarters of the society.  There is no denying the fact the PM Imran Khan’s honesty cannot be questioned. However besides honesty and sincerity financial prudence and other factors also come into play for successful governance.  Any intelligent individual knows by whose fault the present government has inherited the current economic mess. It is obviously true that PLMN’s government was artificially maintaining the economy by borrowing heavily from international institutions.  The present government’s decision of not maintaining the economy artificially has given rise to inflation.  According to the government’s perceptive people should not lose hope as economic indicators are showing a positive trend.  Therefore foreign investment is expected once the circumstances get better.

The recent meeting between the Army Chief Qamar  Javed Bajwa and the business leaders has given rise to many speculations.   In light of this recent meeting some analysts are of the view that the business leaders have protested to the army chief against the government’s austerity drive. However, the other view contends that it was a routine confidence building meeting as Gen Bajawa is a member of the economic council.  The announcement of a two day protest by the all Pakistan traders association against government’s tax reforms suggests that the ruling elite are attracting criticism. One of the reasons for this growing disenchantment is that the government seems to be shattering the expectations of the general public by drifting from its objective.  Bringing back the looted national wealth and criticizing the Sharif’s government for heavily borrowing from international institutions has been the corner stone of PTI’s politics.  Unfortunately in a realist world PTI’s government had to shift from its idealist path of never going to the IMF and bringing back the looted wealth. According to a news report the present government has already borrowed R s 7500 billion during the first year of its tenure.   As the government seems to be changing its path one is easily reminded of Icarus in Greek mythology. Master craftsman Daedalus had constructed wings made of feathers and Wax for his son Icarus. Daedalus had attempted to escape the Crete by means of wings. Therefore he warned Icarus not fly too close to the sun or too close to the sea but follow his path.  Nevertheless Icarus not only flew close to the sun melting his wings but also flapped his wings losing feathers.  Likewise the present government seems to be losing a happy medium between adhering to the IMF, is austerity drive and living up to people’s expectations.

As Maulana  Fazal- ur- Rehman announces his Azadi March towards Islamabad Prime Minister Imran Khan should do his best to restore the shattering confidence of the general public. .  The present should realize the fact that it needs to do more to stimulate the stagnant economy to ward off the growing public resentment.

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