Punjab Nahi Jaungi – A Masala Packed Entertainment

"Story is the best" is the most widely recognized yet the most basic counsel given in the film-production world. A story with a killer script will always do wonders for a film. This film is a comeback for Rehman Qamar and furthermore, maybe Nadeem Beyg is one of only a handful couple of neighborhood producers who shares the same thought and their most recent film - Punjab Nahi Jaungi is a demonstration of that.

The motion picture is certainly brimming with hues, dramatization and loads of masala. From the group that gave Pakistan one of the greatest motion pictures, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, one would anticipate that they will in any event present to us the same excitement. Which it most definitely does!

Portraying the life of Fawad Khagga (Humayun Saeed) – a current postgraduate in political science who comes back to his local Faisalabad, and Amal(mehwish hayat) – a British instructed financial expert who makes her excursion back to Karachi, the film plays on the progression of contrasts. Though Fawad is about his basic way of life and discovering genuine romance – or in his own particular words, his 'Heer', Amal is clear, red hot and a direct inverse. Anyway, PNJ amasses its principle players proficiently and unmistakably. Inside the film's initial fifteen minutes we know the Khagga family's dearest relations are elderly Bebo and her granddaughter.

The chemistry between Mehwish hayat and Humayun saeed is portrayed beautifully. One wonders whether they will even be together in end or not. There are scenes where neither of them share any dialogues at all but the non-verbal communication portrayed by either is done exquisitely.

Khalilul Rehman Qamar's commitment to the film is commending. His charge over dialect and exchange is unparalleled and it takes the film to a whole new level. The first half of the film is for the most part, is about fawad trying to win over amals heart.

The third lead of the film, Urwa Hucane (Durdana) manages her role rather well, much better than her performances in her drama serials. The supporting cast like Ahmed Ali Butt, Saba Qamar, Naved Shehzad have also performed very well and contribute their roles in the most profound way.

All in all, this film is basically one more fabulous show of feelings. It emphatically targets the greater part of the societal issues straightforwardly in the roots and concentrates on breaking generalizations pegged to separate, medieval frameworks, and marriage, through the flawless content composed by Khalilul Rehman Qamar. In any case, don't anticipate that the film will subdue every last issue one finds in the general public – yet it definitely does its part where required. In my opinion, I think this could be Mehwish Hayats best performance till date. She has really grown and matured as an actor and she proves it brilliantly in the movie.

The film's message is there on the off chance that you see it, in case you're not intrigued, that is cool as well. Pakistani cinema is finally finding its niche and with movies like Punjab Nahi Jaungi, we definitely have a flourishing film industry in the making. I would rate the movie a 4/5 and would recommend it to most of you.

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