Ramadan and the Raging War between Channels

Ramadan is a month which is all about peace and harmony. Even in this scorching heat that continues to persist, Muslims all over Pakistan do not cease from fasting. They fast not because of their obligation as Muslims, but because of their love and devotion to Allah and their faith. Each Ramadan, kitchens ignite and their flames bring together the rich and the poor in meal times. However, that is not all, it also ignites media channels and their momentum to capture more and more of the market during this festive Holy month.

Practically, every news channel has begun its unique transmission committed to the "holiness" of Ramadan and there is  little can watch aside from these shows. Indeed, even the news channels cover less of the daily news and a greater amount of coverage is given to Ramadan transmissions.


The Ramadan programs, for the most part facilitated by some standard hosts or famous TV stars, are taking after an indistinguishable example from the early years that were broadcasted in the past. The shows begin with a basic session with Naats, then it proceeds with religious dialogs, and cooking portions (iftar meals) taken after by the most anticipated and most refreshing blessing dispersion part of these transmissions.

The shows seem to take on the same routine as last year. Each channel has its own show before iftar where there is a separate session for Naats and then for religious insights. The hosts of these channels put on a very decent show – filled with humility and piety. Post iftar, the same channels introduce new hosts, with wild charisma and lots of energy to diminish the fatigue we all feel after stuffing ourselves with food. These hosts are set to conduct entertainment shows – in my opinion, they have little do with Ramadan and more to attain higher ratings.

Currently, ARY Digital stands triumphant as the most elevated appraised TV channel in just eighteen days of the month with a relentless normal TRP rating of 4.6. Taking after ARY, is GEO Entertainment with a rating of 4.1. Followed by Urdu 1, which is on third position on the TRP poll with a moderately low figure of 1.7. Shockingly, HUM TV did not make it to the top three and accomplished a TRP rating of just 1.3, crushed by GEO Kahani's evaluating of 1.5. The summary of the Ramadan rating roll uncovers that GEO Entertainment leads in Sehri with a 2.1 TRP rating and Iftar Transmission with a TRP of 10.5, mercilessly smashing down ARY Digital's communicate in these schedule vacancies

The competition between these channels is for the most part, amicable. The worst case scenario here is when hosts do not cease to prove themselves as saints and religious scholars. They do not fail to touch sensitive religious issues which create hatred and chaos amongst viewers. Just for the sake of ratings, they will choose a controversial subject and shed their ‘wisdom’ on it. They do not realize that this is disrupting the harmony that Ramadan promises. Each time newer and newer sects seem to appear with increased hatred for each other.

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