In this fast-paced world where there is limited time for everything it looks as if there has been a time allotted for getting a dress stitched as well and it might not be for all the wrong reasons. With tailors charging so much and taking ages to stitch just one dress and that also with blunders, it seems quite convenient to buy a ready- made outfit in approximately the same price with good fitting and good quality. Hence, a new clothing store is opening up almost every other day in Pakistan and ready to wear clothing seeps its way into the wardrobes of every Pakistani.

While it was common for men to buy ready-made clothes, there was once a time when ladies would go through the painstaking process of going to the market, buying loose cloth and embellishments to go with it, formulating a design, going to the tailor and pouring out the details of how they would like the dress to be made only to receive a dress made to fit anybody other than the one who was supposed to wear it. Ready-made clothes offers an easy way out for people who do not want to spend too much time into making clothes and with the convenience of online shopping, this option has been made even more accessible, just a click away and the hassle of going to markets in the hot weather of Pakistan can be avoided.

While a certain percentage of population is still not satisfied with the idea of buying clothes online without getting the feel of the cloth and still prefer to buy loose cloth, there is fairly a huge segment of the society that would like to hit the market to pick up ready-made clothes. Buying ready-made clothes sure has its advantages, with it being time-efficient and all one important pro is that you can actually try on the dress and decide in a matter of seconds if the color or design suits you, if the material is comfortable enough and if it is looking good on you. The excitement of getting your creativity stitched on one side isn’t there but the bliss of taking a decision then and there is liberating.

When it comes to buying readymade clothes, one’s personal style might be on stake. For those who only buy ready-made clothes, it is not unusual to see at least one person wearing the same outfit as them. The touch of one’s own personality gets lost in convenience. It is true that no two people design a cloth the same way because when someone gets a cloth stitched, their character is bound to display in the outfit. But with new brands opening up every day and even regular shops stocking up ready-made clothes, it is easier to find out something that is not too common and goes with your style.

We have accepted ready-made clothes with all our hearts, money and time and so we have to accept the fact that this way of buying clothes is far easier. So, if you are still worried about that lack of personality showing in what you wear you can try to create a balance between buying ready-made clothes and getting clothes stitched.

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