Roasters Coffee House and Grill

The most recent franchise of Roasters has opened up in the heart of Bahria Town, Phase 7. The location is very posh and it neighbors with the two most crowded places of Bahria Town; Green valley and McDonald’s. Roasters has proven to be a very famous hangout place for both family and friends.

As you enter the main building, an elevator will take you to the second floor where the restaurant lies. (The first floor is devoted to offices). The first thing that you are exposed to when you enter the restaurant is a very friendly face greeting you and asking about your choice of seating; you can choose between either the ‘smoking’ corner or the ‘non-smoking’ one.. The décor at Roasters is exquisite-The lighting is intentionally kept dim to give an intimate vibe.. The music, the seating arrangement and the décor all adds up to the ambiance.

The menu is rather appetizing. Roasters has an array of continental cuisine choices. And the best part is that the food is delicious.! I have often visited this restaurant  and I intend to keep on going there . My favorite is their chicken mushroom and chicken basil which in my opinion are both made to perfection.! The crunch and spice is just on point! Don’t even get me started on the bacon beef burger; it’s incredibly delightful (it is not actual bacon).) One thing that Roasters offers are their unique burgers. The size of one burger is huge, it is equivalent to as eating two meals and the best part is that it’s all made fresh! The sauces used by the chef at Roasters are divine. They cater to your taste buds in a rather ravishing way. Moreover, the service is good too; timely completion of orders and the staff hired is all very sophisticated.

All in all, I would give this place a 5/5 rating. It is a must visit if you want amazing worth for your money..

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