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The more technology we have around us, the more we crave for a peace of mind. The more convenient lifestyles we achieve, the more we yearn for the peace of body. The answer to all these aspirations lies in the centuries old practice of yoga. Yoga finds its origin in ancient India. There exists more than a 100 different types of yoga but generally most of them involve meditation, breathing exercises and poses (asana) that help stretch and relax different muscles in the body.


While it is a common misbelieve that yoga is just another form of physical exercise, yoga in fact is a complete package. Not only is it good for the body but it also benefits the mind and the soul.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improves flexibility and builds muscle strength.
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Helps achieve glowing skin by improving blood circulation.
  • Relaxes the nervous system which helps in getting a deeper sleep.
  • Regulates hormones.
  • Promotes stability and balance in the body.

Mental Benefits:

  • Can relieve depression by upping the heart rate.
  • Helps you focus by improving memory and sharpening concentration.
  • Calms the mind by releasing negative feelings like, frustration, anger, regret, from the body.

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Helps to get rid of false beliefs.
  • Develops a feeling of oneness or harmony in the body.
  • Promotes feelings of sharing and connection with others.


With a hundred different things to focus on every day, from work life to social life and personal life to family life all of us are trying to compose a balance in life that we are usually unable to achieve. Such busy schedule of ours calls for a little time out for not only the body but also for the mind. Like the rest of the globe, yoga is trending in Pakistan too. Names like Yogi Wajahat, Amna Habib and Yogi Haider among many others have already been popular in Pakistan.  It is just a matter of looking around now and a gym or a spa offering yoga classes can be spotted. There are even online shops in Pakistan that deliver all the yoga accessories to your doorstep or you can even do Yoga from the comfort of your home by watching videos on YOUTUBE. Either way, yoga helps you pursue a practice that nurture both, the body and the mind.

So, roll out the mat and step on to the bandwagon.


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