Safaid Chambeli: The New Symbol of Martyrdom

Commemorating the Pakistani lives lost in the wake of war on Terror
“Safaid Chambeli” which is literally translated white Jasmine is a symbol of purity, affection and unity across the globe. However this beautiful and fragrant flower besides representing unity also symbolizes separation therefore it is also used at burials. Jasmine besides being Pakistan’s national flower is a popular symbol in most of the Western countries. In light of the symbolism associated with white Jasmine, we attempt to make it a national symbol of lives lost in Pakistan, owing to the war on terror. Our Global Peace Club takes immense honor in making the “Safaid Chambeli” a national symbol to commemorate the civilians and the military martyrs who have lost their lives.
Many precious lives have been lost on Pakistan’s soil ever since the world has witnessed the war on terror. Pakistan has been ranked highest after Afghanistan in the list of countries that have witnessed devastating effects on account of the U. S war on terror. Many civilians have lost their lives in the past many years as numerous terror attacks were carried out in market places, education institutes and places of worship. There is no denying the fact that Pakistan has suffered terribly on account of the seemingly endless global war on terror. Enormous numbers of people have lost their lives in the past many years, therefore counting the exact numbers of people who were killed is not possible. However, by making “Safaid Chambeli” a national symbol to honor the lost lives would help us to commemorate the sacrifices of many unsung martyrs. The precious lives lost in the wake of terrorist attacks represented different communities, societies, ethnicities and religions but the truth of matter is that they were all Pakistani’s. Our Global Peace club considers “Safaid Chambeli” an excellent exposition of symbolism to honor Pakistani martyrs with the slogan “no more bloodshed.” Our Global Peace Club hence forth marks “Safaid Chambeli” the symbol to honor those killed in Schools, Churches, Mosques, Imam Bargah’s and the military bases in Pakistan.
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