So Cheesy at The Cheese Factor

The Cheese Factor is located in F-11, which is the new trending hub of Islamabad. The main factor of this fast-food joint is CHEESE! The yummiest, hottest and most mouth melting cheese you will ever find is presented in every dish here.

The main dish served is pizza but then within that you will find a wide range of choices from which you can select from. The pizzas that the Cheese Factor offers are deep-dish, medium crust and thin-crust, with the most amazing cheese ever and yes obviously the topping of your choice is an option too. They are the first pizza chain to introduce Deep Dish pizza in Islamabad.

Personally, their peri peri pizza and their beef pizza are my favorite. I went to eat there with a friend of mine and our order was served on a platter which divided half the pizza in one flavor and the other half in the other. It looked extremely appetizing, as the hot cheese was oozing out of the peri peri side whereas the beef side sat bold and red. I literally could not decide which side to try first. Nonetheless, both the flavors were exceptionally tasty and fresh.

All the products are served fresh and hot! The ingredients used are of premium, high quality because each dish ruled our table.

Recently, the Cheese Factor underwent renovation; they have expanded their seating area and have created an awesome atmosphere. The new dine-in area is one step above the counter and falls sight to a view of the outside surroundings through the window. The ambiance is comfortable yet very subtle and sublime. The staff hired in number is low at the moment, which is a downside in my view, but nonetheless, were very friendly. An example of their courteous and friendly behavior is what I experienced myself. I happened to visit the Cheese Factor on its soft opening, post its renovation and by chance, the owners were present too! The order I placed got delayed and the owners, as well as the staff came to convey their apologies. It is not every day that you see people with such a keen eye at a restaurant. The owners observed their customers and noticed how the staff was behaving with each one. Kudos to that!

Overall, I would give this place a 4/5. Whenever anyone is in the vicinity of f11, I would recommend a must visit to this restaurant. Great ambiance, professional staff and awesome food!

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