Sport: Liverpool’s Miraculous Victory

Being a fan of both Liverpool and Barcelona myself, I had no preferences going into the match, but, much like everybody else, I did have my expectations. Barcelona had won a match against Liverpool on the 1st with a solid score of 3-0, so it was only natural of everybody to assume that on the 7th of May, Barcelona would continue their winning streak to earn themselves a position in the Champions League Final. However, Liverpool FC had other plans. The match started on a positive note for Liverpool with a goal by Divock Origi in the first 7 minutes, not 5 minutes later midfielder Fabinho got a yellow card for a foul against Barcelona’s Louis Suarez. The second half began with a goal from Liverpool substitute Georginio Wijnaldm in the 54th minute of the game, followed by a second goal by the young midfielder in the 56th minute. It was at this point that Barcelona fans had began to internalise the reality of losing their place in the finals to Liverpool FC, because now both teams were equal on the aggregate score. Unfortunately for Barcelona, Liverpool’s Origi managed a 4th goal to secure Liverpool’s spot in the finals and to stun viewers worldwide. This was a true success story for Liverpool, as a team that has been out of the spotlight for far too long, and a much-needed wake up call for Barcelona, a team that has maintained their world class reputation, but has often misjudged other teams as being an ‘easy win’. So, as it stands, Liverpool is set to play Tottenham in the finals, making this the third time in all of UEFA history for two British teams to be the finalists in a major European league.


Music: The Kings are back

After taking a 2-year break from music, the chart-topping grime MC, Stormzy returned to the scene late in April of this year with his new hit single ‘Vossi Bop’. The star rose to fame with his single ‘Shut Up’ and has made a name for himself ever since with songs like ‘Mr Skeng’, ‘Scary’ and ‘Blinded By Your Grace, Pt.2’. His return to the music scene is no doubt a calculated one that is sure to bring us hit after hit and only add to Stormzy’s notoriety as a big name in British Grime. He told Beat 1 that he took so much time off to ensure that every word in his next album had purpose and that he would have no “filler songs” and no “filler words”. Stormzy’s album is being anticipated by big names in grime as well as in pop. Stormzy has unexpected friendships in the British music industry, with one of his closest friends being Adele.

Although, Stormzy is not the only UK rapper releasing an album after years of fans waiting. Skepta plans to release an album titled ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ on May 31st, a lengthy 3 years after his last album ‘Konnichiwa’. Skepta has released two singles in anticipation of the album’s arrival entitled ‘Greaze Mode’ and ‘Bullet From A Gun’. Skepta is no doubt at the top of the UK Grime scene and has been active even in these past 3 years appearing on songs as big as ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine)’ with American artist A$AP Rocky, ‘Energy’ with Nigerian artist Wizkid and ‘Bet’ with British artist Octavian, to name a few. Skepta played a massive role in Grime revival back in 2016 and has been a well-respected figure in both the UK and the US ever since, so it is no wonder that there is so much anticipation surrounding his upcoming album.

A special mention would have to be Bugzy Malone who recently came out with ‘M.E.N 2’ a throwback to his 2015 song ‘M.E.N’. Although Bugzy hasn’t been away from the scene for quite as long as Stormzy and Skepta, he has had massive financial, personal and musical growth since the release of ‘M.E.N’. Bugzy makes direct reference to this when he raps about his new “7 bedroom crib with spotlights in the ceiling” in ‘M.E.N 2’ which is an upgrade from his “3 bedroom crib” mentioned in ‘M.E.N’. The UK music scene is changing, and the fans are all for it.


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