Being dehydrated can mess with your mental, physical and emotional health. Numerous studies show attention, memory and mood can be damaged. It can also cause physical distress such as headaches, constipation and kidney problems as well.

If you are planning to lose weight, one of the most important thing to remember is that YOU NEED TO STAY HYDRATED, and the easiest way is by sipping a glass of water, at least every hour. Water has some amazing benefits to offer and not many of us realize how important it is for our bodies.

Other beverages come with other harmful substances like sugar in soda or caffeine in coffee that are not recommended in large amounts. Soft drinks typically contain large amounts of sugar or chemical sugar substitutes and should be a big “no no” if you are planning to lose weight. Water is the best and safest drink for hydration and to remain healthy, as every part of our body requires water.

Water is also helpful in curbing those bad sweet, chocolate cravings. Drink water and your craving would subside. Water keeps you fuller for longer thereby, you would not be able to over indulge in the food of your choice.


  • Drink water before your meal and keep taking small sips between your meals.

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