Life under Taliban rule a bitter tale of Biden’s Betrayal

The long Afghan war has proved the fact that the doctrine of necessity is not only confined to just national political systems. The concept of doctrine of necessity is very much in use in the international politics. It is generally believed that ‘Osama bin Laden and the Taliban have been the creations of the American policy run amok.’ However, one view suggests that neither Osama bin Laden nor Taliban’s Mullah Umer were the direct products of the CIA. The fact of the matter is that the international community in general and the United Sates in particular posses the ability to transform violent groups into war heroes.  Washington had once regarded the Afghan Mujahedeen as heroes later these heroes were labelled as terrorists. However, as the Afghan war comes to an end violent groups such as the Taliban have already been presented as the true heroes of war. Joe Biden by scumming to Taliban has unraveled the gains made by the United States and the allied forces in the past two decades. It is true enough that violent extremism practiced in any part of the world makes life difficult for the inhabitants of that land. Therefore, distressing images showing desperate Afghans willing to flee their country at any cost indicates how hard life could be under the Taliban rule.

The international community for the most part is trying to make the world believe that the Taliban have reformed. Consequently, Taliban do not pose any threat to the people of Afghanistan. British army chief stated that Taliban could be different this time. Therefore, they should be given space as the Taliban are more reasonable now. However, contrary to the British army chief’s statement there are reports of persecution of religious minorities in Afghanistan by Taliban. There have been reports of severe beatings by the Taliban and therefore religious minorities especially Christian leaders are hiding after being haunted by the Taliban. According to one news report one Afghan woman has been recently burnt alive as the food she cooked for Taliban did not taste good. There are reports of women being sailed to other countries in coffins as slaves. The international community has scummed to Taliban’s reformed version of rights of religious minorities and women in Afghanistan. Therefore, some international organizations such as Oxfam have already removed from the internet all content related to women. There have been reports of women being shot dead for not wearing burqa. Zaria Gaffari had been a mayor in one of the towns in Afghanistan. Gaffari has now sought refuge in Germany as she feared that the Taliban would kill her. A group of aspirant Afghan girls had invented low-cost ventilators from car parts and land-mine detectors. Unfortunately, this group has been evacuated to Europe as young girls are being forced to marry the Taliban fighters. Interestingly, the Biden administration had purposely refused to evacuate Christians stranded in Afghanistan. According to reports some non profit Christian organizations in the United States have evacuated some 51,000 Christians including 200 female judges. According to one report 70 people despite being vetted and having documentations were denied an exit by the U.S state department. Therefore, these people were forced to go to the Abbey gate and subsequently got killed in the explosion. As things begin to unfold Joe Biden’s incompetence and mendacious propaganda makes it clear that he is a brutal man with blood on his hands. Many of us are familiar to the cause-and-effect theory which suggests that there is a reason behind everything. Biden’s irreversible mistakes in Afghanistan had put an end to the freedom of women and religious minorities in Afghanistan.

However, the western powers in order to avert the world’s attention from their defeat are now propagating that the Taliban have changed for good.  It is true enough that the Taliban might have reformed to some degree but it is sure that life could be devastating under Afghanistan’s new regime. In light of the cause- and – effect theory Biden is responsible for putting the Taliban back to power. Therefore, the real threat to Afghanistan’s religious minorities and women does not come from Taliban it comes from the White House. Joe Biden has not only betrayed the Afghans but has also intensified the risk of global terrorism by his adventurism in Afghanistan.

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