Tasmina Sheikh: An unusual combination of beauty and brains

Success and recognition is the aspiration of every individual however success comes naturally to some while others have to strive for it. When considering the secrets of success we must consider what T.S Eliot said “there is no method but to be very intelligent. Tasmina Sheikh is a rare combination of beauty and brains therefore she has been successful being an actress, solicitor and a business person. Tasmina has been one of the SNP’s of 56 Westminster MPs besides having various other feathers in her cap. Tasmina was born in Chelsea London and raised in Edinburgh. Her mother is half Welsh and half chez while her father is from Pakistan. Her mother was an actress and performed with the Royal British Company perhaps this was what inspired Tasmina to become an actress. After graduating in Law Tasmina started acting in Pakistani Television plays. Some of her famous plays include Des Pardes and The Castle: Aik Umeed. Tasmina is married to Zulfiqar Sheikh and both have appeared together in several TV serials. They both are happily married for over 25 years and have four children. According to Tasmina she and her husband saw each other for the first time while she was performing at stage in Glasgow University. After gaining recognition as an actress Tasmina left showbiz and began concentrating on her legal profession. After the 2015 general elections, Tasmina was elected in the UK parliament in the Ochil and South Perth shire. According to Tasmina ‘the beauty of the Scottish national Party is that it is a mix of people from different backgrounds.’ Tasmina is an advocate of women rights and believes that girls must be educated in order to make their lives better. She has always been an advocate of human rights and delivering people from poverty has been her one of the biggest aspirations. Tasmina has been a protagonist in promoting her party’s anti-austerity agenda which demanded an increase in public spending to help 26% poor children in her constituency. She has been the founder and chairperson of the Scottish Asian Women Association in 2012. Besides that, she has also been active with the Westminster Foundation of Democracy and therefore has even traveled to Pakistan to promote the rights of women. Tasmina is a source of inspiration for many women in Pakistan therefore Yolo wishes her more success in life.

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