The Broken Dream

I saw myself walking out of school dressed in a white shirt and green pants with black shinny boots. My face was radiant with joy but all of a sudden I felt being chased by someone. Resultantly I began to run as fast I could but as I stopped I heard a footfall approaching me. However, as I dared to turn around I realized that other children were running as they had also come to greet their parents.  I had forgotten that we were free now so there was no point in fearing the Indian soldiers.  Therefore I also ran to greet my mother who was waiting for me at the school gate. I woke up and realized that I had a pleasant dream. My mother had always told me not to lose hope and always stay positive that good dreams will materialize one day. Therefore, neither is my dream broken nor is it fulfilled but I still expect that one day my dream of getting free from Indian oppression would become a reality. My name is Brahan Wani I have been named after him so my parents want me to become a Mujahid like him.  I aslo want to be like him but I am an amputee as one of my legs got amputated. However, I have no regret as my mother also has one of her legs amputated.  Both I and my mother have each leg amputated as a result of Indian army’s fire. I cannot forget that dreadful day when my mother was waiting for me at the school gate.  By the time the school was over the law and order situation had grown worse in the valley.  Resultantly on our way home mom and I had to stay in a hideout when suddenly a monstrous soldier hit her in the back.  There were two gun fires consequently me and my mother lost one of our legs. A few days back Indian soldiers raided our house all of us were in the living room except for my half-sister.  My father had prepared a small room for us upstairs it was more like a hideout. There were beds in that room on one side of the room my father had put dry fruit for us. The room had small holes in the wall for ventilation. This hideout was not very airy however we had become used to staying there.  Abducting boys and young women whilst raiding houses is a common practice of the Indian army.  I have an elder brother and an elder sister a younger brother and a younger sister as well.  My brothers and sisters are dear to me.  We would spend good time together eating dry fruit but mother at times would also give us her share of dry fruit. One day there was a sudden knock at the door before my father went to the door to open it the soldiers broke open the door. The soldiers grabbed my father and pushed him against the wall then they tied his hands and feet and began to search the house. My elder brother tried to resist the soldiers but he couldn’t.  My brother was crying and father was screaming at the top of his voice.  My aunt who had come downstairs to fetch a bucket of water had frozen with fear.  The soldiers after searching the house left but the entire family had been struck with fear.  Father had put large garbage boxes outside the hideout to deceive the soldiers.   When we realized that the soldiers had left we came out of the hideout one by one.  When we came down stairs I found my mother and brother were both crying despite not having any physical injury?  It was difficult for my family to get over the fright of the Indian army’s raid everyone in the house seemed depressed even after a few days. When I saw everyone so depressed I was reminded of my good old days. I remembered a pleasant day when I was wearing a red t-shirt as I went to the market with my mother.  My cheeks were rosy as I was in good health because I had two legs everything seemed beautiful.


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