One of the key attributes of the human brain is its ability to think deeply and reason about things however leveraging large volumes of data is still impossible.  In order to push the boundaries of human cognition scientists want to provide access to all that data to facilitate or enable human cognition beyond these barriers.  Cognitive computing involves making computers more biological systems than just beings brain with more fluidity for a better response and reaction.  This would certainly make you feel as if you are dealing with another living creature instead of a machine.  Computers since their advent have been astounding machines however being enslaved to a pre written program.  Now computer scientists want to invent an entirely different computer more like our brains with no programs. These computers with architecture like the human brain would be enabled to do things as humans do owing to their similarity with how the human brain is configured.  One of the areas of artificial intelligence is the stimulation of cognitive behavior which suggests that software can learn.  Nevertheless the fact that software can learn may have staggering implications in the large scale sense.

 One of the desires of the Transhumanists is based on the presumption of taking human consciousness which is software not hardware and placing it a different environment. It is believed the day computer in its elegance exceeds the capacity of human brain it would be the right time to put human consciousness in a computer. Once that point of singularity is reached immortality would be achieved it is important to understand that soul and spirit is the real man residing inside a temporary body. The real person which is the spirit, soul residing in a body can be scientifically described as software in hardware.  Albert Einstein discovered that we live in a four dimensional colloquium instead of three.  Today physicists see the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four dimensional continuum.   Since time is a physical property it is extremely important to realize that software has no mass it is eternal.  The Transhumanists seem excited by the fact that singularity is the technology that enables them to become more godlike so Singularity is viewed as a religion by some people. Mind up loading is an extension of Transhumanism where a human consciousness is put inside a computer and programed in the sense that everything is possible.  In the view of Rachel Haywire a Trans humanist this can be best described that our bodies might not go beyond death however our minds might.

It is important to look at both sides of the picture as for a better understanding one needs to know the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.  One group views the outcome of cognitive computing as changing the world the industries by seeing and knowing things as never before.  It is believed that 80% of the world’s data is still in dark as human minds and computer are unable to make sense of that data. This dark data would exceed 90% by 2020 and can be compared to the concept of dark matter in the universe. It is believed that the discovery of this data would open doors to new opportunities for the betterment of the society.  The petroleum industry wastes billions of dollars by drilling at the wrong places similarly the healthcare also wastes trillions of dollars due to wrong decisions.  It is believed that in future Watson would be trained on 30 billion medical images besides being provided medical record. Since Watson can read medical records it would come up with the accurate decisions considering the experiences of other patients with similar medical history.  Cognitive computing would also change the education system for ever as computer would be able to tell what learning difficulties a child is facing.  Cognitive computing would be very useful in dealing with security issues and traffic management as cognitive system would measure and predict human behavior and abnormalities.

The advent of war-bots, swarm-bots and slaughterbots suggest that Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics have become irrelevant. Face book’s robots were shut down after they began talking to each other in a mysterious language proving the unintended outcomes of AI.  Some segments of society fear the possibility of supernatural entities one day taking over artificial intelligence.  Anthony Levondowski a former Google engineer has created a new religion of artificial intelligence called the way to future and wants the AI god to be worshipped.  Hugo de Garis a world famous researcher in the field of AI owing to his dystopian warning can be seen in Tran’s humanist Ray Kurzweil’s film the Transcendent man.  Hugo had been the head of the artificial brain lab at Xiamen University China for some 27 years and wrote a book the Artilect War.  Hugo in his book has predicted that a sizable population (Terrans) would not agree to be cyborg and would fight against the Cosmists (those in favor of Artilect). According to Hugo this war is expected to take place in the second half of the 21st century killing billions of people.  In his book he writes that he had feeling of euphoria of approaching the day caution machines would exist so he went to sleep excited.

  Later in his sleep he had a horrible dream with all his family members, relatives, and friends every single person he knew all in a sea of blood.  It is believed that artificial intelligence would accelerate the conventional process of warfare. The swiftness of future warfare decisions have been described by the term “hyper war.”  The debate of launching a war with artificially intelligent autonomous lethal system has kept Elon Musk wondering about the probability of AI triggering a third world war.  Furthermore Putin’s statement who ever leads in AI will rule the world further strengthens the probability of a great impending war.

It is feared that AI would have many disadvantages in the times ahead as it is changing the world and raising questions for the society, economy and governance.  According to the Historian Bill Gates has warned that AI would make humans completely useless in future.  It is feared that the dawn of AI would raise a class of jobless society who would be replaced by AI at work places.  Yuval Noah Harari warns that humans would be pushed out of job markets as robots would be cheaper to higher and more durable.  Elon Musk suggests that AI would make house cats out of humans so in order to remain relevant they must become cyborgs.

It is feared that as AI continues to evolve one cannot ignore the fact that its criminal potential continues to evolve alongside. A computer synthesized voice can make it possible for someone to masquerade through phone carrying out criminal activities.  Furthermore the evolution of AI is already disturbing the field of criminal justice. As an AI driven strategic subject list has been developed in Chicago city that analyzes people who are arrested on the probability of become perpetrators. These AI algorithms have been severely criticized for punishing citizens of crimes they have not yet committed.

As the debate on whether or not the artificial technologies are ethical continues to gain momentum the rift between Transhumanists and Theologians widens. The Transhumanists have the ultimate goal of becoming Godlike and immortal. However Christian theologians have drawn a similarity between transhuman immortality and the Serpent’s deception that man would not die and become like God stated in the book of Genesis. S. Jonathon O Donnell a teaching fellow at the University of London has labeled Tom Horn a Theologian as Anti – Transhuman Milieu for his opposition of AI and Transhumanism. Horn had interpreted the revelation of the second beast imparting life to the image of the first mentioned in the Book of Revelation as a future wonder of AI.

The late Stephen Hawking expressed his fears by saying that AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilization.  It is feared that AI would eventually make large population of humans jobless as robots, driverless cars and other wonders of AI would take over. Besides that the probability of hyper war in future strengthens the plausibility of billions of people losing their lives in a short time owing to swift AI.  With more disadvantages who can dream of entering a utopian world but instead thinking of AI as Frankenstein’s monster which turned out to be a nightmare seems realistic.

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